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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Who doesn't know Elsa & Anna from FROZEN, Rapunzel of TANGLED, Merida from BRAVE, Jack Frost from THE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS and Hiccup of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON? They are the Big Six of Animation dubbed by fans. These characters were able to catch the adoring hearts of the public and they are receiving tons of love from them. From social media, general merchandise to Box-Office success, These characters proved that they have the merits to be called "POPULAR"

Frozen has earned $400,175,401 in North America and $743,600,000 in other countries for a worldwide total of $1,143,775,401 and still counting. The soundtrack is still selling well and is still on top of other albums from mainstream artists. Plus, the iconic song from the movie "Let It Go" is a favorite song to sing nowadays.

Tangled earned $200,821,936 in North America, and $390,973,000 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $591,794,936. The songs and of course, the fairy tale vibe made everyone loved the movie.

Rise of the Guardians grossed $103,412,758 in North America, and $203,528,912 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $306,941,670. Jack Frost and the gang draw a lot of action movie/fantasy movie fans adore them. Jack Frost is also being linked to Elsa of Frozen by the Fans. How cool is that!

Brave earned $237,283,207 in North America, and $301,700,000 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $538,983,207. 

How to train your Dragon has earned $217,581,231 in North America. $277,297,528 in other countries with a total of worldwide results of $494,878,759. Due to it's success, A sequel is set to premiere this year.

The Fans can't get enough of them, They even created videos that stars the 6 characters. Just like what this YouTube video here entitled Rise Of The Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons

Watch it here:

While some showed their creativity by doing fan-arts like the pictures below. You can view more of their awesome fan-art here

Undoubtedly, Kids and Adults appreciates the effort and creativity that the movie makers did that's why the good results are reflecting not only on it's sales but also to it's cultural impact. 
Are You Addicted To Taking Selfies? This Video Is For You

Are you addicted to taking selfies? Selfie is currently the trend right now and everyone seemed to be so used to start and end their day by taking their selfie pictures. It can also be noted that a lot of people addicted to selfies are spending most of their time posing, editing and selecting the perfect selfie that they will upload on their Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Take a look at this hilarious video parody of An ASPCA Ad, This video tackles how the so-called selfie addiction can affect your daily routine. In this video from Phillip Henry, Gays who are addicted to taking selfies are the subject of this parody. Be ready to laugh and relate to this video.

Watch The Video Here: 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No one in their right mind will think that getting dirty is pleasurable and comfortable. But as the saying goes, there is always an exemption to every rule and in this times where people work hard to live normally or luxuriously, there's a man that does not think that way. Meet Ludvik Dolezal, dubbed as Europe's Dirtiest Man.

Ludvik is from Czech Republic,  a homeless man who quit his job to live his life in the way he wanted it to be and that's to be covered with ASHES. Ludvik likes to be filled with ashes and without ashes, he thinks that there'll be something wrong with him and makes him uncomfortable.

His story goes like this, He has a fascination with ashes and fire. One of his odd and bizarre habit is to sleep with ashes, He burns anything he sees so that it's ashes can be used to cover his bed. He feels cozy with ashes. He quit his job and he burnt all of his belongings. The only thing that was saved from the fire is his radio. This unusual desire of Ludvik is believed to be caused by his mental disorder. The people got to know about him and his bizarre behavior. They would give him tires, woods, papers that he can use to fulfill his love of fire and ashes.


The newest ad from VH1 entitled "Revenge Of The Nerds" that depicts young kids' typical life at school, being bullied by their schoolmates is already viral since it was shown to the public. The video shows that the one you're bullying are "NERDS TODAY, BOSSES TOMORROW"

BULLYING is a huge problem and everyone should not get bullied or even bully anyone. Though, the ad aims to teach every bullies to stop bullying the weaker or less popular kids in school because in the end, they might end up being your Boss or CEO that may not forget what you've done to them. It is quite misguiding or teaches a wrong lesson to a bullied child. The video even featured a song that has lyrics like this in the tune of Gloria Gaynor's "I WILL SURVIVE" :
All my power I will abuse. I’ll be the CEO, you’ll be the one who shines my shoes.
 I’m going to call night and day and on weekend I’ll send texts….making sure you never rest.
You’ll never get a single raise. You’ll get the same pay until the end of your unhappy days.
And behind a tiny desk you’ll be saying your regret.You’ll be my pet, you’ll be my pet

News sites and some people who have seen the video even commented that the video is misguided or sends out a wrong message. The video is entertaining and fun, quite clever in making a serious problem like bullying not that heavy. But it is like giving the bullied kids a message that they just need to endure all the humiliation and pain they get from being bullied in school because they will eventually have their sweet revenge on their bullies once they grow up and be successful in the future. Holding a grudge or living your life exacting your revenge to people who have wronged you is not a good advice to young kids. Bullying is not acceptable as well. So, two wrongs cannot make it right. Everyone should strive harder to achieve their dreams but if you'll use it as a motivation to have your revenge, may not be right.

The bottomline here is that BULLYING isn't acceptable in any way and will NEVER be.

Watch the video here:


Monday, April 28, 2014

A mysterious vending machine is creeping out anyone who hears it's story. The soda vending machine can be seen in Seattle. At first glance. The vending machine looks old and anyone who sees it will think that it isn't operating anymore. But the creepiness doesn't rely on the machine's appearance, It is on the machine's stock.

When you look closely on the machine, the lights are still flickering and it is operating well enough.
To make the vending machine look more haunted, the machine seems to work but what everybody's question is how come it still has stocks in it when there is no one supplying it, there's no caretaker for the old machine as well. It might be a prank from someone who wants to scare anyone who will get a chance to check it.

The creepiness doesn't end there, the vending machine is working and still has stocks but what freaks everyone the most is that there's a unusual mystery button that shows up anytime the machine wants to and puts out vintage flavors of sodas such as fruit punch, raspberry iced tea, grape soda, and etc.

It may be a well-planned prank or a good Samaritan fills up the machine without getting noticed or it may be really haunted but it wouldn't hurt if you give the vending machine a try.

Nothing beats pure talent and determination, That's why a lot of talent shows all over the world is filled of spectacular talents that everyone who watches will be having a hard time to choose who their winner is.

In the latest season of So You Think You Can Dance Australia, A 50-second dance performance of a bright young man named Michael Dameski got the audiences and judges of the show blown away and thrilled. His undeniable talent in dancing, matched with striking good looks and hot physique made everyone rooting for him.

Dameski is part of the Top 4 of SYTYCD Australia. One of the judges who got so stunned by his performance was Paula Abdul while everyone who have seen his performance were so delighted with his dance techniques. Dameski responded to his fans to show his appreciation.

Watch his breath-taking performance here: 


The video of a man with an unbelievable talent that is quite similar with spider-man is making the rounds on various social media sites. The man was able to climb a wall with no safety harness, only bare hands. The video is entitled "Encontramos al verdadero Spiderman!!!" or "Find The True Spiderman" im English translation.His way to the top scared a lot of people but he was able to even do what spider-man does in his movies. Some people who watched the video said that the man is a tourist attraction and he regularly performs this stunt.

 Check the video here and be amazed with the "real spider-man":

Sunday, April 27, 2014

In this post, We will share 6 photos that will totally blow your mind. It is so awesome that you need to look closely on this body paintings, You will get what we're saying. The photo above is entitled "Human Motorcycle" and it is from Trina Merry, When you look closely on it, You will know that 6 people are involved in the body painting. Awesome!

TIGER, it is composed of 3 people.

This is Treefrog by  Johannes Stötter and it showcases 5 people's flexibility.

Cherry Lipstreau is behind the Sugar Skull and it took 7 people to make it happen.

Heart by Gesine Marwedel depicts 2 people's artistic representation of one of the most vital organs in the Human Body.

This cool body painting is entitled Trolley Car from Craig Tracy and 3 ladies made it more artistic.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dogs are so loyal and friendly, They love you so much and loves to be with you all the time.


But aside from the food, comfortable living that we provide for them, All they need is affection from us. And one way to show our affection to our pet is through petting. Take a look at this video from YouTube user named "mihaifrancu", A video entitled "Cute Dogs Demanding Petting Compilation 2014 [NEW]" amazed a lot of pet lovers. We will be seeing cute dogs who loves to be petted and their demanding for it will melt your heart! Get ready for CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Watch the video here: 


Do you know this man with beady eyes, bushy eyebrows, thin lips, and a receding hairline?This image of a man was told to be appearing in almost 2,000 people's dreams. It all started with one of a psychiatrist's patient's drawings, She said that this man have been appearing on her dreams. What makes it creepy is that also the people who said that they saw him in their dreams revealed that they don't even know this man.


The "this man" legend is a hoax. It was confirmed through an investigation that it was a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy created by 2 people who produces hoaxes through weird art projects that explores advertising results.


The image went viral and draw a lot of creepy responses from people who have seen it. But through the investigation that was done, the image inspired people to create parodies. Some of the remarkable parodies would be Barack Obama, Shaq O'Neal and more.

Friday, April 25, 2014

It is believed that astrology is used to observe the patterns in time and provides us with a guide for the things we have done in the past, will be doing in the present and what will be our future.In this article. we will get to know our zodiac signs a lot better. The 12 Zodiac Signs are divided into (3) three main groupings. They are known as Triplicities, Quadruplicities and Polarities.


Divided into four groups of three which are known as the ELEMENTS.

FIRE (Aries,Leo & Sagittarius)
  • Dominating
  • Impulsive
  • Active
  • Enthusiastic
EARTH (Taurus,Virgo & Capricorn)
  • Stable
  • Practical
  • Realistic
  • Patient
WATER (Cancer,Scorpio & Pisces)
  • Emotional
  • Moody
  • Secretive
  • Intuitive
AIR (Gemini,Libra & Aquarius)
  • Intellectual
  • Observant
  • Objective
  • Communicable


Divided into four groups of three which are known as the Mutable, Cardinal & Fixed.

CARDINAL - Active, Opportunistic & Ambitious

MUTABLE - Adaptable, Versatile & Easily influenced

FIXED - Purposeful,Determined & Persistent


Divided into 2 groups

POSITIVE - Sociable, Impulsive and craves excitement
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

NEGATIVE - Nurturing,Receptive,Cautious and understands emotional subtleties
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Every kid knows the popular doll named "Barbie", even adults love the ''Teen-Age Fashion Model" doll that has been around the world for almost 55 years. Barbie got so popular that people got hooked with her set of "doll" friends and her partner, "Ken." Some admired the adorable "doll couple" to the point that they collect the latest sets of the doll couple and turn it into their own collection. You might not even believe that some people go to the extent of going under the knife to look exactly like Ken and Barbie.

"Read More :The Horrifying Island of Dolls"

Meet Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica also known as Human Barbie and Human Ken. Their features are so close to the exact features of the popular doll tandem. Valeria a.k.a Human Barbie admitted to have breast implants and she only uses makeup/contact lenses to look like Barbie, while her slender figure is the result of her special diet and healthy lifestyle. Justin a.k.a Ken confirmed that he have undergone 140 surgeries and even spent almost $150,000 for it. Justin is from America and is an entrepreneur while Valeria is from Ukraine and works as a model.

The striking resemblance of Valeria and Justin  to Barbie and Ken grabbed the people's attention all over the world. The media got interested with them, Valeria even got to shoot for a sports magazine.The first time they have met each other was also featured on national television.

"Read More : What Actually Happened to Beth 'Child of Rage' Thomas?"

But after that, Things got sour between the both of them. Justin reportedly expressed his negative impressions on Valeria even implying that she is an Illusionist and looks like a drag queen unlike him who is proud to have undergone multiple surgeries. People were surprised to hear such remarks from Justin but let us keep in mind that unlike the real Barbie and Ken, Valeria and Justin are not in a relationship. We'll be ending this article with this line, May the best doll win!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The growing technology combined with the huge power of social media is really an essential part in anyone's life. People nowadays tend to be reliant on internet to do the things they want but there are still things that you shouldn't do over social media.

Just like this one, A dude's instagram post went viral for breaking up with his girlfriend. Yes, He broke up with his girl through instagram, through a #HASHTAG. The post got people's attention and they feel for the girl. After the instagram post went viral, the accounts of the people involved were deactivated or set to private. Think before you Click.