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Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 FACTS That You Ought To Know About CATS

We all know that Cats may sometimes be grumpy or sweet and that makes them more adorable.
Let's get to know them better with this 10 Facts that you might not know about them.

FACT #1 CATS are respected by the Ancient Egyptians as Demi-Gods

In ancient egypt, No animals can come as close to the esteem given to them by the egyptians.
They were treated like Demi-Gods as well due to theirexpertise on preying mice in which protects their farms.
It is also stated that once you dreamt of seeing a Cat, It will bring you good luck and most especially, Good Harvest.
Cats are also beloved by the King, That's where Cats are treated as Demi-Gods in their own right.
As an inscription in the Valley of Kings state that;
"You are the Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, and the judge of words, and the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor of the holy Circle; you are indeed the Great Cat."

FACT # 2 Global Extinction of 33% of Species can be blamed to CATS

When you're Cats have been lost, They are called STRAY CATS.
But when a cat was born in the Wild or have been domesticated but went back to the wild, They are called FERAL CATS.
Feral Cats are harmful to any local animals to the extent that they also spawned other Cats who were lost by travelers and this happens in remote islands that's why Cats have been blamed for the extinction of that large percent of species.

FACT #3 CATS cannot taste anything SWEET

Cats looks sweet and cuddly that's why we tend to give them food that we think represents how sweet they seem to be. But to burst your bubble, Your cat is not impressed with any sugar-coated cupcakes or the like.
The taste buds of any cat cannot detect sugar. Therefore, Sweets are not that special to Cats.

FACT #4 CATS loves to sleep. They can even live the 70% percent of their lives sleeping.

We all love to sleep but you can never beat a Cat who takes a nap. 
Cats sleep more than any other mammals beside opossums and bats.
Cats spend 70% of their day by sleeping. 

16 Hours a Day = Approximate time alloted for a Cat's Sleep

They have fewer enemies because Cats are natural predators.
The amount of energy that they used in a day needs to be replaced proportionally by the amount of sleep they have in a day as well.

FACT #5 Adolf Hitler hates CATS

It is stated before that Hitler hates Cats because Cats gives his troops Itchy Eyes and Allergies.

FACT #6 Abraham Lincoln loves CATS

Abraham Lincoln loves Cats and his family kept 4 Cats in the White House.

FACT #7 TAURINE is your Cat Eyes' Best Friend

Taurine is an essential vitamin that is needed by any Cat.
They could go blind without it that's why Taurine is included in any Cat's Food.
Energy Drinks for humans have taurine too but you should not give it to your Cat though.


Cats can run faster than you and you have to deal with it.
They can run 30 miles per hour (48 kph)
Here's a proof that Cats can run faster than us.

USAIN BOLT = 27 mph (US' 100 Meter World Record Holder
Domestic Housecat = 30 mph

FACT #9 Cats got their Hiss through imitating the hiss of a Snake 

In the wild, Other animals only stays away when they hear hissing. And hissing is naturally can be heard through snakes but since Cats are that intellectual, they thought of imitating that sound for their own safety.
Now, We can say our Cats are a bunch of Copy-CATS!

FACT #10 FERAL CATS kept a lost 1 year old boy alive

Feral Cats are not that all mean or ill-spirited to some.

Misiones, Argentina, 2008

Local Police have found a 1 year old boy living with 8 feral cats. They have witnessed how the cats took care of the boy by licking him, snuggled him during cold temperature and cats dragged in scraps of food for the boy to eat.
When the Police tried to get near the boy, The Cats tend to be protective of the boy thinking that the boy is one of them. Later on, it was found out that the boy was the son of a homeless man who lost him during the night that he looked out for card boards to sell in the woods. The boy was brought back to his father eventually.

Now, that's a true to life Jungle Book story!

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