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Friday, April 18, 2014

7 Things Your DOG Wants To Tell You

Dogs are definitely Man's Best friend. Their loyalty & love to their owners makes them more adorable. But there are times that we can't understand the meaning of their actions. Ever wondered what they want to say to us if they could speak the same language that we have? In this post, We will get to know our Dogs a little more.

"Trust in me"

dog trusts you so much and what he also need is an owner who trusts in him too.

"Let's Talk"

Hearing the voice of his owner talking to him brings JOY to your dog. Even if he don't speak your language, he will definitely appreciate your effort.

"Don't get mad at me for too long"

Your dog may commit mistakes but you don't need to be angry at him for too long. He loves you so much & seeing you get mad at him will make him sad.

"Don't get tired of me jumping for joy when you get home"

Your dog only haves you as his family that's why seeing you home means a lot to him.

"When things get scary, Please be there for me"

Loud noises, Bad weather, Strangers, etc. are some factors that scares your pet, all he needs to know is that you'll be there for him no matter what.

"Cuddle & Play with me"

As your pet grows, He needs playtime as well. Your dog wants to spend his playtime with you. Showing him your love by cuddling him means the world to him. 

"Please be there when my Journey ends"

Everyone in this world grows old & your dog  is not exempted, It might be tough for you to see your dog transform from an energetic puppy to a weak dog. Your dog's vital organs may not function that well anymore and you really have no choice but to let him go. It will be much easier for your dog to leave this world when he knows that you are there for him 100% on his final journey.


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