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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Be Ready To Be Blown Away with this 79-Year-Old Woman's Talent

Britain's Got Talent started it's series last Saturday night, Viewers and Judges are all in unity with one goal and that is to look for something new and amazing British talent.
That's why when 79-year-old Paddy and partner Nico stepped onstage dressed in ballroom outfits for their audition, people were skeptical even Judge Simon Cowell revealed that ballroom dance bores him to tears. People were also ready to laugh while others anticipated to be bored even before the dancing duo starts their audition dance.

But, Everyone was shocked when Paddy proved her amazing talent. Their Audition is well-applauded making their act the most talked about on the show so far.
Paddy's talent is a fitting example of ''EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED''.

Watch the video of their performance and you be the judge.

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