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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Facebook To Remove Chat To Promote Their Messaging AppIication

Say goodbye to your Facebook Chat soon because Facebook is going to remove chat from the Primary iPhone and Android applications, in order for it's users to install the standalone app.
The famous social network site has already announced to its users living in the United Kingdom, France and other European countries that to continue using Facebook chat on their smartphones they will have to install a separate Messenger app. European countries will be the first countries to experience this change while the company is still not giving out any specific time frame for other parts of the world to undergo this change.

What's The Reason Behind It? 

Facebook admitted that they have competition in the Messaging Apps and the competition is gaining users as well. Good thing that Facebook already purchased WhatsApp but it is not their sole competitor that they need to keep an eye on though. Established Brands such as Google Hangouts and BlackBerry Messaging Apps are also out there with it's increasing number of users. Also, WeChat and Line Messaging Apps are on the rise as well. 
So, the competition is still tough and gets tougher since more exciting features are being developed and experimented to get the taste of their target market.

Will It Succeed or Will It Suck?

Critics and Observers suggests that Facebook should be ready for the unfavorable responses that they will get from it's users once this change will take effect. But still, Users may love the new features that Facebook will add to it's Messaging app.
Whatever response this change will bring, We cannot deny the fact that Facebook is still a strong force to reckon with in the Mobile Space scene, Facebook got to launch several standalone apps as well and still growing that can capture the attention of it's users.

Let's see in the coming weeks if the Facebook Messaging App can live up to the expectations of social media enthusiasts.

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