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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Get To Know The Rainbow-Colored Ants

There is no Photoshop editing done to the images of this ants. But is it natural for those ants to look like that?A species of ants showed a wonderful and vibrant trait that makes them look cute in our eyes. Their abdomens were TRANSPARENT that's why a droplet of food coloring made them look like "RAINBOW ANTS."

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The images are from Dr.Mohammed Babu of India, The 53-year old scientist found out that those ants have their transparent stomachs with the unexpected help of spilled milk.

Yes, Dr.Babu figured out this amazing trait of the ants when he noticed that the ants were all drinking from a spilled milk on the floor, the ants' stomachs turned white making them look like a different species of ants.

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That's when Dr.Babu got an interesting idea for the ants. He thought of taking pictures of the ants to show to the world how this ants may look simple at a first glance but when a droplet of food coloring is mixed with the water that the ants are drinking, colorful results will surely caught anyone's attention.

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Just like humans, Ants also have their "favorite" colors as well. Dr. Babu noticed that the ants prefer lighter colors more than the darker ones. They prefer the green and yellow colors more than the rest of droplets of food colors being presented to them.

It is indeed a COLORFUL WORLD after all!

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