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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is VH1's Anti-Bullying Video Goes Controversial For The Wrong Reasons?

The newest ad from VH1 entitled "Revenge Of The Nerds" that depicts young kids' typical life at school, being bullied by their schoolmates is already viral since it was shown to the public. The video shows that the one you're bullying are "NERDS TODAY, BOSSES TOMORROW"

BULLYING is a huge problem and everyone should not get bullied or even bully anyone. Though, the ad aims to teach every bullies to stop bullying the weaker or less popular kids in school because in the end, they might end up being your Boss or CEO that may not forget what you've done to them. It is quite misguiding or teaches a wrong lesson to a bullied child. The video even featured a song that has lyrics like this in the tune of Gloria Gaynor's "I WILL SURVIVE" :
All my power I will abuse. I’ll be the CEO, you’ll be the one who shines my shoes.
 I’m going to call night and day and on weekend I’ll send texts….making sure you never rest.
You’ll never get a single raise. You’ll get the same pay until the end of your unhappy days.
And behind a tiny desk you’ll be saying your regret.You’ll be my pet, you’ll be my pet

News sites and some people who have seen the video even commented that the video is misguided or sends out a wrong message. The video is entertaining and fun, quite clever in making a serious problem like bullying not that heavy. But it is like giving the bullied kids a message that they just need to endure all the humiliation and pain they get from being bullied in school because they will eventually have their sweet revenge on their bullies once they grow up and be successful in the future. Holding a grudge or living your life exacting your revenge to people who have wronged you is not a good advice to young kids. Bullying is not acceptable as well. So, two wrongs cannot make it right. Everyone should strive harder to achieve their dreams but if you'll use it as a motivation to have your revenge, may not be right.

The bottomline here is that BULLYING isn't acceptable in any way and will NEVER be.

Watch the video here:


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