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Monday, April 14, 2014

Matchright Technology To Help You Analyze Your Conceiving Options

GenePeeks, The company that markets the Matchright Technology announced that this technology will now allow people to have an in-depth screening of sperm donors with the genes of the intended mother which may help you and your child to share the same genetic diseases.

"It covers any disease or any trait that has a genetic influence,"
That's according to Lee Silver at Princeton University, who co-founded GenePeeks

GenePeeks aims to identiy rare diseases that can be passed on to the baby through their parents' DNA.
GenePeeks takes a step further in DNA sequencing, They will be using algorithms to fed DNA information which allows them to look at the genetic make-up of the possible embryos.

The technology will be using the Matchright algorithms, which Silver developed, and to be run thousands of times for each donor before a woman selects a donor from a participating fertility clinic. 
With the help of this technology, Parents can also now have clues to their baby's physical traits such as :
  • EYE
The Technology that will be used can now create digital embryos by mixing two people's DNA Data virtually. This technology breakthrough will give parents an opportunity to take a closer look of their baby's health and physical attributes before they can be conceived.

The Matchright Technology will be available later this month in two US fertility clinics.

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