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Friday, April 25, 2014

Meet The Real Life Barbie And Ken Dolls

Every kid knows the popular doll named "Barbie", even adults love the ''Teen-Age Fashion Model" doll that has been around the world for almost 55 years. Barbie got so popular that people got hooked with her set of "doll" friends and her partner, "Ken." Some admired the adorable "doll couple" to the point that they collect the latest sets of the doll couple and turn it into their own collection. You might not even believe that some people go to the extent of going under the knife to look exactly like Ken and Barbie.

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Meet Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica also known as Human Barbie and Human Ken. Their features are so close to the exact features of the popular doll tandem. Valeria a.k.a Human Barbie admitted to have breast implants and she only uses makeup/contact lenses to look like Barbie, while her slender figure is the result of her special diet and healthy lifestyle. Justin a.k.a Ken confirmed that he have undergone 140 surgeries and even spent almost $150,000 for it. Justin is from America and is an entrepreneur while Valeria is from Ukraine and works as a model.

The striking resemblance of Valeria and Justin  to Barbie and Ken grabbed the people's attention all over the world. The media got interested with them, Valeria even got to shoot for a sports magazine.The first time they have met each other was also featured on national television.

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But after that, Things got sour between the both of them. Justin reportedly expressed his negative impressions on Valeria even implying that she is an Illusionist and looks like a drag queen unlike him who is proud to have undergone multiple surgeries. People were surprised to hear such remarks from Justin but let us keep in mind that unlike the real Barbie and Ken, Valeria and Justin are not in a relationship. We'll be ending this article with this line, May the best doll win!

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