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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Animals In Our Dreams: Their Symbolism And Interpretation

There are some dreams that gives us a lot of questions when we woke up when we try to remember it. Some dreams may be too short for you to remember but what makes it remarkable to the person who had that dream are the "person". "place", or even "ANIMALS" that have appeared into their dream.

Animals in our dreams gives out symbolism that we need to interpret, some of it are suppressed emotions that needs to be set free, some can also help us to discover the major issues in out lives. Nevertheless, Our dreams have to deal with our deepest emotions or instincts. In this article, We will interpret the meaning behind the participation of a certain animal in our dreams.

You're not required to remember every little detail in your dreams but you need to take note if the animal on your dream is:

  • Tame or Wild?
  • Befriends you or Attacks you?
  • Healthy or Neglected?
  • Moving towards your direction or just passes by?

Here's 10 of The Most Common Animals That Appears In Dreams


Perception/Stereotype: Independent & Quiet

Shows Esoteric Knowledge, Feminine Power, Spiritual Guidance
If it is a Black Cat, You may have hidden secrets or desire.
If it is a Tame Cat, You're in a comfortable phase in your life and environment.
If it is a Wild Cat, It means you need to exercise your will power.


Perception/Stereotype: Loyal & Friendly

Dogs in dreams depicts loyalty and friendship in our lives.
If a dog bites you, You have a guilty conscience.
If you're being attacked by an aggressive dog, You are quite doing impulsive decisions in life.
If you're hearing some barking from a dog, A nasty rumor is about to damage your life.


Perception/Stereotype: Quiet and unable to assert power

Mouse in dreams associates with you're dwelling on minor and not important matters in your life that makes you wastes your time.
If the mice is eating, Someone in your life is trying to bring you down, specifically your self-confidence. It may also mean that you;re resources may be ripped away by someone.


Perception/Stereotype: Strong-willed and Independent

The horse symbolizes instincts, impulses, desires, intimacy and sexuality.
Black/Dark Horse -  Signifies mystery, You have unrecognized wildness or desire.
White Horse - Purity, Also shows that your life will be positive and no sins will be committed as long as your life is heading the right path. It may also deal with a problem in your sexuality, you may not be that open in fulfilling your sexual drive.
Red Horse - Fear is in your life, You may be dealing with a problem that causes you too much fear that you tend to forget or ignore it.


Perception/Stereotype: Prosperous & Blessed

If you're holding a forg in your dream, your wish will come true.
Croaking frogs in dreams suggest you need to know more about your spirituality.
Frogs in the water means you're in an emotional turmoil but you can surpass it.


Perception/Stereotype: Strong & Calm

If a bear is sleeping or hibernating in your dream. you need to do some soul-searching before you put out yourself into the world.
If a bear is chasing you, It signifies that you've been running away from your big problem and it is high time for you to face it.
If a bear is standing up, It means that you need to defend yourself and your beliefs.


Perception/Stereotype: Psychic Energy

Snakes are associated with the awakening of your unconscious energies or desires.
If the Snake bites you, It means that you don't need to give your trust that fast to new people in your life
If the snake is shedding its own skin, this means you have outgrown your present condition that made you feel uneasy or limited.


Perception/Stereotype: Ambitious & Smart

Dreaming of birds signifies our desire for freedom. 
If the bird is flying in the air, it means ambitious plans that you have but you need to have the vision and courage to fulfill it.
If the bird is in a cage or trapped, your freedom is limited and you want to break away from it. A controlling relationship is also being symbolized. 


Perception/Stereotype: Cautious & Humble

Lizards in dreams reminds us that we need to stay grounded and humble in our current status in life.
Dreaming of a lizard gives a warning that we need to be fully aware of the implications of our dealings/relationship with people.
If the Lizard is in a tree,your plans should be carried out and will give favorable results.
If the Lizard is running away from you in your dreams, You need to reevaluate your life and face the problems that you're ignoring.
If the Lizard bites you, It signifies that you need to think before you act out your plans or you may need to put it on hold. 


Perception/Stereotype: Hardworking & Dumb

A healthy ox means that you are a leader and desirable to those people who sees you,
A fat oxen in green pastures means that good fortune.
A lean ox signifies fortune will dwindle and friends will leave you.
A well-matched oxen means a wealthy marriage. Also signifies that you've met your soulmate.
A dead ox  is a sign of bereavement.

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