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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Esoterical Analysis of Lady GaGa's Music Video "G.U.Y"

Have you already watched the Music Video of G.U.Y by Lady GaGa?

If yes is your answer, did you ever questioned yourself if you understood the story behind the video? Or are you one of those people who got confused and puzzled with the video's randomness?

If you haven't seen the video yet, You are in for a treat because in this article, we will be discussing the mystical and obscure meaning behind the "G.U.Y" music video.

The G.U.Y is referred to as Girl Under You and the Music Video for it can be dissected into 4 parts.
We get to see the FALLEN ANGEL, VENUS, REBIRTH and REVENGE, all of this in a duration of 11 minutes.


The video begins with a bunch of men in suits having fight and grabbing dollar bills and then, Lady GaGa can be seen lying on the ground with her wings damaged from a fall and the cause of the fall is that she was shot by an arrow by one of the men in suit.

Some say that the men in suit represents the Music Business Abusers and GaGa is one of those artists who were affected because she is flying free with her carefree, artistic vision that may have conflicted with those people. Thus, She was shot down by them making her a FALLEN ANGEL.

Sounds interesting right? But it can be compared to Lucifer's Fall as well. Lucifer who was once the most controversial winged creature in history.

It can't be a solid proof that GaGa is playing the Lucifer card this time but the visual representation can be a strong case of coincidence

On the video, the wounded fallen angel gets up and walks herself towards civilization, that led her in front of the Hearst Castle. The video's location is quite important because the castle was built by tycoon William Randolph Hearst, one of the richest men in history. The Hearst Castle combined entertainment and the occult elite making William Randolph Hearst  an important character of the occult elite.


GaGa now enters the Castle and she is still weak and close to dying. The song Venus is played and GaGa goes through a death ritual on Neptune's pool.

To connect the Fallen Angel - Lucifer plot to this portion, It can be proved in ancient history that the planet Venus has been known as the Morning Star and the Evening Star. Therefore, The connection between Lucifer and Venus remains important in modern occultism which makes Gaga playing the role of a fallen angel while a song named Venus playing in the background is far from being coincidence .


After the death ritual took place on Neptune's Pool, GaGa can now be seen in her reborn stage with platinum blonde and greets Himeros, The God of Sexual Desire. From being an angel to Sexual Goddess-Like.

The Rebirth Stage is filled of highly sexual content and marks the Rebirth of a New Era for the former Fallen Angel.
Gaga can be seen holding a lego apple with a bite taken from it is a reference to the apple of the Garden of Eden with a Guy who can be referred as Erotes in which are linked to Love and Lust.

The apple was given by Lucifer and gave humans knowledge of good and evil.
The Rebirth Stage is highly sexual and makes it all seem that even fallen angels can be recovered and be God/Goddesses once they were accepted to be part of the occult elite.


The Rebirth phase may be all about Love and Lust but GaGa is up for vengeance and we get to see that in the final portion of the video and that is the Revenge Phase.
Some questions come into mind and you may say that ''uh-oh, here comes the blasphemy part'', we get to see 4 Tombs of GaGa's representation of an Ideal G.U.Y, But we only get to see 3 of them and they were Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Michael Jackson. According to the end credits, The 4th Guy is John Lennon but GaGa revealed that she thought of removing his part on the Video.
Being able to see GaGa having an access to Jesus Christ and even makes Him a part of her mad science revenge plan is quite disrespectful to some.

GaGa used the DNA of the 4 ''GUYS'' to make clones with the help of her Nurses with Customized Horns and that makes it seem that they're playing God themselves as well.
Then, Clones with the genes of Christ, Gandhi and Jackson are all dressed in black arrives and GaGa uses them to get back to those guys who shot her down on the Beginning of her video making her a Fallen Angel. 

GaGa seems to get her revenge successfully as the video ends with her tons of ''G.U.Y'' clones leaving the Castle and goes on to conquer the world.

To Conclude the Analysis of the G.U.Y music video,

After watching the video,Lady GaGa was once an Angel who got ritualized by an occult which led her to be the Sexual Goddess and uses it to plot revenge for the people who shot her down from the beginning with the use of Christ, Gandhi and Jackson's Blood. She was able to acquire them because she turned to be a God herself.

Here's the Video of G.U.Y by Lady GaGa. 
It is now time for you to have another look at the video and share to us what you think about it.

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