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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Haunted Vending Machine From Seattle

A mysterious vending machine is creeping out anyone who hears it's story. The soda vending machine can be seen in Seattle. At first glance. The vending machine looks old and anyone who sees it will think that it isn't operating anymore. But the creepiness doesn't rely on the machine's appearance, It is on the machine's stock.

When you look closely on the machine, the lights are still flickering and it is operating well enough.
To make the vending machine look more haunted, the machine seems to work but what everybody's question is how come it still has stocks in it when there is no one supplying it, there's no caretaker for the old machine as well. It might be a prank from someone who wants to scare anyone who will get a chance to check it.

The creepiness doesn't end there, the vending machine is working and still has stocks but what freaks everyone the most is that there's a unusual mystery button that shows up anytime the machine wants to and puts out vintage flavors of sodas such as fruit punch, raspberry iced tea, grape soda, and etc.

It may be a well-planned prank or a good Samaritan fills up the machine without getting noticed or it may be really haunted but it wouldn't hurt if you give the vending machine a try.

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