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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Three Teens Arrested For Phone Scam That Targets The Elderly People

There are various types of phone frauds being used all over the world. Such phone frauds often targets the elderly people. You won't even believe these people's ''modus operandis''. Take for example the phone scam that happened in Japan.

Three Japanese teens got arrested by local police for running a phone scam that victimizes Elderly people. It was suspected that the teens behind it have earned an estimate of $4 million through the phone scam. The teens runs their phone scam by calling their elderly victims via phone. They pretend to be the relatives of their victims, They will ask for money by making up stories such as they're in trouble or have met an accident. The elderly victim will then be asked by the con person to transfer or deposit certain amount of money on the bank account of their ''fake relative.''

The teenagers were arrested when they tried to withdraw a whooping $10,000 on their victim's bank account who contacted the police when he started to doubt the veracity of the phone call. When they were caught, two teens admitted that they run the phone scam in which detectives found over 500 bank accounts under different names from an estimate of 160 phone scam calls. The third teenager denied the allegations. However, The local police will still investigate on who is the real masterminds behind this scam.

In times like this where scammers were just around the corner, It is our obligation to ourselves to refrain from being gullible for us to not be the next victims of any scam.

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