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Sunday, April 27, 2014

When You Look Closer On This Works Of Art, It Will Blow Your Mind!

In this post, We will share 6 photos that will totally blow your mind. It is so awesome that you need to look closely on this body paintings, You will get what we're saying. The photo above is entitled "Human Motorcycle" and it is from Trina Merry, When you look closely on it, You will know that 6 people are involved in the body painting. Awesome!

TIGER, it is composed of 3 people.

This is Treefrog by  Johannes Stötter and it showcases 5 people's flexibility.

Cherry Lipstreau is behind the Sugar Skull and it took 7 people to make it happen.

Heart by Gesine Marwedel depicts 2 people's artistic representation of one of the most vital organs in the Human Body.

This cool body painting is entitled Trolley Car from Craig Tracy and 3 ladies made it more artistic.

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