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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You Wouldn't Believe Your Eyes When You See This Man's JAW-DROPPING ILLUSIONS

There are tons of magic tricks and illusions that we have seen from the likes of Criss Angel, David Copperfield and more. But this act from Britain's Got Talent left a lot of people breathless. The illusions performed by this young man is so mind blowing to the point that you starts to question how did he do it? Some might even ask, ''What kind of sorcery is this?"

The guy responsible for those awesome tricks is Darcy Oake, 26 from Canada. Oake grew up preforming magic tricks. Oake visited the show's auditions to fulfill his goal of entertaining people all over the world and I could say that he accomplished that goal. His illusions/magic tricks on the audition is so unbelievable, it's like his act is getting better, bigger and awesome the longer he stays on the stage. The audiences, hosts and judges were all blown away by his mind-boggling tricks.

Watch the video and get your eyes ready for his jaw-dropping act :

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