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Friday, May 23, 2014

20 Million Bees Released In Car Crash

20 million bees were released after the tractor-trailer that carries them overturned onto a Delaware highway. Luckily no one was badly hurt, The driver whose named Adolfo Guerro with two passengers had minor injuries in the car crash. The three of them also suffered 50-100 bee stings but they are now in a good condition.


The mess from the crash took a while to be cleaned, It took 13 hours to fully clean the scene while majority of the bees amounting to 20 million bees from the truck are now swarming free. The passengers described how angry and thirsty the bees look. Fortunately, Delaware had a "honeybee swarm removal plan" used when huge set of bees get lost in the wind, It was the first time for Delaware to fully use this protocol.

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