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Friday, May 16, 2014

34-Year Old Woman Arrested For Posing As 15-Year Old High School Student

Charity Johnson (who posed as 15-Year old Charity Stevens)

A 34-Year old woman whose real name was Charity Ann Johnson got arrested for giving false and fictitious information about herself, Johnson posed for months as a 15-Year old girl at High School. She used the moniker "Charity Stevens" to her guardian who believed her sob story and adopted her months ago after they have met in McDonald's. Johnson even lied to the school she's currently enrolled. She was enrolled to New Life Christian School in Texas with the help of her guardian who didn't knew her true identity, Johnson claimed that she's been home schooled before that's why she has no school transcripts to present during enrollment.

Johnson was able to pretend as a 15-Year old girl at school, she got good grades, she made friends, teachers adored her good studying habits that reflected in her class standings. And just like any normal teenager, Johnson is also active on Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in which her photos shows her youthful side. That's why people at school, including her friends and teachers got shocked and scared by the web of lies Johnson have created.

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She acted like a kid. She did her homework. She got good report cards - Tamica Lincoln on KLTV, Johnson's guardian
Johnson was taken in by a Good Samaritan named Tamica Lincoln, 30 Years old who believed Johnson's claim that she had been abused as a child and that her parents have died and that she has no more place to stay. Tamica took Johnson and acted as her guardian without even knowing that the ''child'' she have adopted is actually 4 years older than her. Tamica even bought her clothes, attended parent-teacher conferences to talk about the bogus teenager's impressive academic performance since she treated Johnson as her own child.

Johnson's real identity was revealed six months after Tamika got a call from the head of a group that aids children in need, which the 34-year-old had allegedly attempted to join, they told Lincoln that she ran a background check on Charity Stevens. Tamica and her mentor, Ray Ward started to became suspicious about her identity that made them decide to investigate of her own. She called a manager at the McDonald's where both she and Johnson worked and have met. It was then revealed that Johnson's birth year was 1979 and that her last name was not Stevens.

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After knowing the truth, Lincoln and her mentor called and alerted police to the alleged fraud before heading over to the high school. The police who responded to Lincoln's residence asked Johnson to identify herself, and in response the fake teenager still gave them the name Charity Stevens. Due to Johnson's alleged fraud, She is charged with failure to identify/giving false, fictitious information. She is now being held in the Gregg County Jail with $500 bond.

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