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Friday, May 2, 2014

A Facebook Feud Leaves A 14-Year Old Girl Gunned Down

Social Media may play a huge part in our everyday lives but it's not worth it to lose your life through a feud in a social networking site. A recent murder involving the death of a 14-Year Old girl named Endia Martin was due to her Facebook feud with her best friend turned into rival who is also the same age. The Facebook feud is all because of a boy, the former close friends are involved in a young love triangle. They have found out that they have the same love interest through Facebook which enraged the suspect.

The incident took place in a seemingly quiet afternoon on Chicago when all of a sudden, A heated confrontation between Endia and the suspect happened. The confrontation led to the suspect showing up her gun.The suspect with a .38-caliber handgun aimed fire to her rival into a crowd of people. The gun jammed and the alleged shooter handed over the gun to someone else to clear it and gave it back to her. The shooting injured a 16-Year old girl while Endia Martin was shot in the back causing her to die.

The 14-Year Old suspect will be facing court trials along for first-degree murder. While her 24-Year old Uncle & Aunt were also being charged since there's a connection of them to the murder and a 17-Year old boy who tried to hide the gun. There are also two man charged to the crime for illegally selling the gun and buying it leading the gun to the possession of the suspect. The  gun used in the murder scene was reportedly stolen at first but it was later discovered that the gun was sold illegitimately. Endia's family are all in shock when they've found out her death and the reason behind it, Endia was a honor student while her former best friend turned rival is a freshman.

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