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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Boy Texts His Mother As He Dies From A Tornado Hit

When a tornado hit Vilonia last April 27, A lot of people were injured while some died even without knowing it. But one young man who knew that the tornado is going to head towards their home, thought of bidding his farewell to his beloved mom through a text message.

Jeffrey Hunter, A senior at UCA who lives with his father and his stepmother are one of the casualties of the recent tornado hit. When he knew that the tornado is fast approaching their home, instead of going into panic, he hurriedly text his mother how much he loves her and says goodbye as well. Regina Wood, The mother of Jeffrey lives 20 miles away from Jeffrey and their only way of communication at the last minutes of his son's life is through text.

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Jeffrey's first text to his mother is he was so scared because he knows it's going to be a direct hit. Minutes later, Wood received a text from Jeffrey saying "Goodbye Mama", she didn't know that it was one of the last text she's gonna receive from his young son. Wood kept on sending her son a text message asking him if he's still okay but there were no reply from Jeffrey anymore. Jeffrey died while his father and stepmother were badly injured.

Jeffrey was one of the people who died in his Vilonia neighborhood, flags were up for each one of the victims. Regina is still mourning over her son's untimely death but knowing that her son in the midst of fright and panic, thought of sending her a message to tell her goodbye brings comfort to her in a way.

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