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Friday, May 2, 2014

Disney And Pixar's Hidden Secret In Their Films

Without a doubt, Disney and Pixar produces and created numerous animated films that made us hooked and enjoy our childhood. The films they have produced are quite magical because it crosses your imagination and makes you believe that dreams do come true. What if there's something that is hidden in every movies that we have seen before but we aren't completely aware of it? Well, We will show you what are those "hidden" on their films that may put a smile on your face.

A113, a letter and number combination that have appeared in numerous films from the two movie giants.It was discovered byan online movie afficionado.  Here are some of the films that proves this wonderful discovery on the animated films that we have seen before but never realizes it until now.

Finding Nemo,Ratatouille,A Bug's Life,UP,Cars

The Princess and the Frog


Monsters Inc.

It can also be seen in The Avengers

 and also in The Simpsons to name a few

What is A113? Is it a dark secret? Of course not.

A113 is a classroom at the California Institute of Arts. A113 is the room where a lot of animators have growed and mastered their talent in animation. simply refers It is interesting to note that a lot of animators and other people involved in graphic design have honed their skills through this room. Some of them are now in Disney and Pixar while some are in other film outfits too or television. Giving A113 a spot on the films that they make is like giving recognition to the place where they've learned a lot of what they are doing now, it also gives an inspiration to other people who goes on that room as well to study animation and etc. That's a wonderful fact or secret that you need to share to everyone you know who have seen those movies above.

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