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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Elephant Calf Refusing To Leave His Dead Mother's Side

In Samburu, Kenya, A five-month-old elephant calf refuses to leave the body of his dead mother.
People are so worried that the orphaned elephant might not survive to cold or be the target of lurking predators, Keepers from a wildlife trust patiently tried to capture the elephant who doesn't want to let go or his mother or even leave her side. Staying like this will put the youngster in great risk.

Good thing, Vets were able to tranquillise the youngster in the morning,The young elephant was able to have a new home in a wildlife trust. When the young elephant went to the orphanage, more than 30 orphaned elephants welcomed him. He is now named Sokotei. For the first few days, grieving for his dead mother took awhile but eventually, he was able to make new friends in the orphanage.

Watch the video here : 


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