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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Father Kills His Daughter For Copying Homeworks

Education is so important because it allows us to land significantly well-paid positions that would otherwise not be an option to one. That's why some parents are strict and uptight to their kids when it comes to their studying habits. But some parents goes overboard to the point that they hurt their children due to their children's education. Just like the case of a Chinese father who have beaten his only child, aged 11-year-old daughter to death for copying her homework.

 The father was identified as Zhang, he lives with his only child in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. According to the police,Zhang went out of his mind after founding out that his daughter had cheated her examinations numerous times and copied homeworks from her classmates consistently. Zhang punished his daughter who had her hands tied and kneels down by beating her up endlessly.

Zhang only stopped beating his daughter when he discovers that his daughter already stopped breathing. This brought Zhang back to his senses and he took his child to a local hospital nearby. But the girl eventually died a few hours later. It was also stated in the report that the girl had experienced strangling for 5 minutes which might have led to her death.

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 Up to now, Chinese children especially in the rural south still faces huge parental pressure over their school grades since corporal punishment is still being used by parents and teachers as part of their educational method. A huge amount of pressure may have contributed to numerous cases of children committing suicides due to poor performance at school.

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