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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meet Britain's Vainest Man; Claims He's Hotter Than Brad Pitt And Chris Hemsworth

A lot would agree that a man with a beautiful face and a muscular body is hot. That's why a lot of people in the world adores Brad Pitt so much. But someone from Great Britain wants Brad to take the backseat because it is now his time to let the world know him and his handsome looks. He claims that he is the vainest man of  Britain and he's way hotter than Brad Pitt. According to him, Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth have nothing on him especially in the looks department.
'I'm Britain's vainest man and I'm proud of it,Some people think I'm arrogant and I've had men start fights with me on nights out - but they're just jealous. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good. I have been gifted with good genes and it's meant I've never suffered with self-confidence issues.'- Matt Dunford, Britain's "Vainest Man"

Meet Matt Dunford, 29, from London, and  a personal trainer. Dunford also works as a stripper for the Dreamboys and a fitness model. He claims that he is Britain's vainest man. Why? Here are some of the proof that supports his claim, He spends £10,000 on fake tan, manicures and facials yearly.

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Matt Dunford's Beauty Routine: 

Fitness supplements: £18,000
Clothes: £18,000
Hair cuts and highlights: £10,800
Gym membership: £9,000
Sports trainer shoes: £6,000
Sunbeds and spray tans: £6,000
Massages: £5,000
Aftershave: £5,000
Professional shaves at barber: £5,000
Gym clothes: £4,000
Accessories: £3,500
Underwear: £3,250
Manicures and pedicures: £2,880
Moisturisers and other toiletries: £2,400
Waxing: £1,500
Teeth whitening: £1,200
Facials: £1,000
Eyebrow shaping and eye lash tinting: £400

TOTAL: £102,930

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Dunford started his huge admiration for himself and doing everything to maintain his pretty boy looks and good physique since he was 17. He loves his muscular pecs and he does gym training 3x a week. He also spends his money for his beauty regimes but he will never consider having plastic surgery because he does not need one anymore.

His work evolves around his good looks and great body physique, that's why he needs to preserve it, spending a huge amount of money for his beauty routine is necessary for him. But being a handsome hunk also has it's ups and downs according to Dunford, He admitted that girls will add him on Facebook and some were also fighting over him to have his attention. When he's on night outs, tons of women approaches him is a big hassle for him. He also complains of having tons of women approaching him on nights out because it is a hassle to him. He's a chick magnet that's why he was also hit on the head by a jealous man at a club. He also claims that guys around him were jealous and threatened of his appearance.  According to him, He does not need any surgeries anymore because he is already perfect. 

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