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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pregnant Woman Sentenced To Death For Choosing Christianity Over Islam

A wedding picture might have sealed the death sentence for a Sudanese whose pregnant for her second child. The woman named Mariam Yahya Ibrahim is set to be punished for choosing to convert to Christianity over Islam to marry her husband, Daniel Wani who happens to be part of the Christian Religion. The picture was used as an evidence against Mariam. The couple is expecting their second child when Mariam got arrested.

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Mariam got arrested with her 20-Month old son named Martin and it was revealed that a relative might have turned her into the police. Since her husband has a different religion, Daniel is not allowed to visit or even take care of their son. Due to this rule, Mariam is living with her son, Martin in prison.

According to the Sudan’s Public Order Criminal Code, Mariam is considered to be Muslim by default since her birthplace is in Sudan. Which made her decision to marry a non-Muslim wrong and illegal. Mariam is harged with adultery and apostasy (Death Penalty is the Punishment). Mariam was also ordered by the courts to leave her Christian faith and return to Islam immediately but when Mariam was asked to go back to Islam, she refused and stood by her newly afopted faith and even verbalized that she's a Christian. The death sentence was ordered due to her decision, The death sentence will be carried out right after her second child is born. Mariam wants to appeal the sentence. 


Mariam's current situation earned a lot of reactions from Sudan and all over the world.University students from Sudan have also generated a series of protests near Khartoum University to put an end to abuse to human rights leading the authorities to close their university indefinitely. Many people gathered outside the court to protest about the recent decision with signs that read ''Freedom of Religion" to show their support to Mariam and her family.
But there are people who also showed up to celebrate about the death sentence that was handed down to Mariam. They even chanted "God is Greatest" to show that they are in favor of the latest development on Mariam's case.


  1. Please help #FreeMariam http://wh.gov/lA0uj

  2. This is crazy. Freedom of religion should be followed.