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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Teen Gives Out Cupcakes Filled With Bodily Fluids At School

Teen Gives Out Cupcakes Filled With Bodily Fluids At School

A teen from California, A 10th-Grader was reportedly the culprit for passing out cupcakes laced with bodily fluids and semen at her school. According to the Bakersfield Police, The cupcakes were from the 10th grader and people at school who have tasted it have expressed that the cupcakes tasted bad.

The cupcake incident was discovered when a student from the school called a news station to complain about the cupcake she received has semen, spoiled food and pills on it. This claim was also supported by some of the students who also got to taste the cupcake. It tasted so bad that when they asked the 10th grader on why does the cupcake tasted different and disgusting, the teen told them that it tasted different because she added bodily fluids as the main ingredient for the cupcake. Some students even confirmed that most of the students who have eaten the cupcakes were also the ones who always picked on her.

The teen got suspended due to this incident and a new policy from the school was rolled out that no more outside foods will be allowed inside the school. The Health Department and Local Police are still investigating about the cupcake incident.

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