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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Curse Of The Haunted Painting

There's this painting that when people looked at it, you will start to feel sick and weird sensations even if you looked at it on paper or online. According to the people who have seen it, The painting had a mysterious past. Every house it passed down lead to a death.

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The painting is named "The Hands Resist Him" also known as eBay Haunted Painting. It was painted by Bill Stoneham. The painting depicts a young boy and a female doll standing together in front of a window wherein a lot of pressed hands were visible.

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To some people, the painting seemed creepy because the doll is seen holding a gun which got people thinking that the boy is being haunted by the doll. But according to Stoneham, the presumed gun is actually a dry cell. The boy is based on a photograph of his 5-Year old self and the doorway represents the dividing line between the waking world and the world of fantasy and impossibilities. And the doll serves as the boy's guide through it. The hands represents the alternate lives or possibilities in this world.

According to the seller, a lot of strange things happened wherever the painting is located or displayed. Some even claimed that the two characters on the painting changes position or even leaves the painting to roam around the room where it was located. They even stare mysteriously to anyone who looks at it causing them to feel uneasy or ill.

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When Bill Stoneham have known about those claims, he was shocked at first but then he recalls that both the owner of the gallery in which the painting was first displayed, and the art critic who have reviewed it, died within a year after coming into contact with the painting.

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