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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Haunting Tale of San Antonio Ghost Tracks

Ever heard of the horrifying story of ghost tracks in San Antonio? The Ghost Tracks is located at Shane and Villamain, It was believed to be haunted due to an urban legend. 

The urban legend of the Ghost Tracks involves a school bus occupied with children, the bus got stuck on the train tracks. Unfortunately, A train struck the bus killing everyone who is inside the bus. Since then it was believed that if you will stop your car or park it on the haunted tracks, your car will be pushed off by the ghost kids' hands.

Other people who were able to go to the haunted ghost tracks admitted that there's a certain eerie feeling that anyone can feel on that specific place. Some even proved that the ghost kids' really pulled their car because when they sprinkled powder on the bumper of their car, tiny footprints can be seen.

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