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Friday, June 6, 2014

7 Creepy Facts About The Poltergeist

Every horror fan is familiar with The Poltergeist Trilogy. The film is successful in giving jump scares most especially in their first film of The Poltergeist. The story revolves around the freeling family being haunted by the spirits in their house. The family is haunted by moving objects and to make the movie legendarily scary is that the spirits abducted the freeling family's youngest girl named Carol Anne. The film is not only known on their box-office results, critically-acclaimed success and popularity, The film is also known for it's alleged "Poltergeist Curse."

The film was believed to be cursed and some people even pointed out that the bizarre and untimely deaths of it's casts were all part of the movie's curse. Whether it is true or not, The facts that you'll be reading in this article will really give you that eerie vibe. Let me use the famous line of the film, "They're Here" in presenting the 7 Creepy Facts about The Poltergeist.

FACT #1 The clown strangling scene,The boy is so close to be suffocated to death.

One of the scenes from the film that made a lot of us scared is the Toy Clown scene, The young boy's (Oliver Robbins) face really turned blue and complains of inability to breathe. At first, The staff thought it is just an improvisation from the boy, good thing that Spielberg checked on the boy and was able to save him from being suffocated.

FACT #2 Jobeth Williams is haunted even at home

Jobeth Williams who played Diane Freeling in the film goes home from the set everyday. She admitted that she always finds the pictures in her wall askew, prompting her to put it back to it's straight position. The creepy part is even if she leaves it in it's proper position, The pictures are still askew everytime she goes home from the set.

FACT #3 An EXORCISM was done on the set

The first film used real skeletons on one of it's scenes that's why it looks so terrifying. But the truth is, the staff and crew were disturbed by the usage of skeletons to the point that exorcism on the set needs to be done.

FACT #4 During filming for Poltergeist 3, A fire nearly put the staff's lives in danger

In one of it's car explosion scenes, A fire nearly burned the entire set.Sounds creepy right?

FACT #5 Dominique Dunn's brutal death

Dunn a.k.a The Teenage Daughter on the Poltergeist 1 died at the exact same year the film premiered in 1982. The cause of her death kinds of reenacted one of the scene in the film. She was strangled to death by her boyfriend.

FACT #6 Heather O'Rourke's untimely death

O'Rourke appeared on the 3 films of The Poltergeist, The adorable child actress died too soon after the third installment for the film was released. It is quite shocking to the people since O'Rourke is still young. She died of septic shock.
The horrifying part on her death is that her mother shared that she saw her daughter's apparition on the hospital, O'Rourke even told her mother "Mom,I'm not coming back." Despite the diagnosis of her disease that attributed to her death, People speculated that the spirits took O'Rourke away.

FACT #7 Dominique Dunn & Heather O'Rourke will never be separated from each other

Dunn and O'Rourke played sisters on the film and both have died unexpectedly that caused a lot of stir that there is indeed a Poltergeist Curse.
They won't be separated anymore because their dead bodies are located in Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles County. Now, That's quite a coincidence, a creepy coincidence.

It might be all speculations and further information is needed to confirm that there is indeed a "Poltergeist Trilogy Curse", One thing is for sure and that is, The Poltergeist is indeed a legendary film and will always be remembered for it's contribution in the horror film department.

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