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Monday, June 2, 2014

Bride Attaches Newborn Baby To Wedding Dress

Getting married is one of the most important moments any woman can have. That's why a lot of preparation, creative thinking and hard work must be utilized to come up with a wedding to remember. 
A woman from Tennessee is being criticized for her wedding choices.

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Shona Carter-Brooks decided to attach her newborn baby girl to the train of her wedding dress. Meaning to say, the baby was dragged as her mother walked down the aisle.

Carter-Brooks received mixed responses from the people who have seen her "controversial" wedding dress. Carter-Brooks even assured everyone that her newborn whose only 1-month old named Aubrey was safe while she's being dragged down the aisle and in good hands because she was covered by Jesus Christ.

Carter-Brooks' other daughter also defended her mother's odd decision saying that people will always will always have something negative to say in everyone and they will still do anything they want as long as Jesus is on their side and everything will work out fine.

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