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Sunday, June 1, 2014

California Kidnap Victim Found Alive After 10 Years

A woman who disappeared when she was only 14-Years old in 2004 was able to reunite with her family. The woman went through a lot of deceit, lies and abuse before she had the courage to report to the police what happened to her. The woman who remains unnamed told the police that her mother's ex-boyfriend drugged and kidnapped her in 2004. Since then, she was forced to marry him, fathered her child and live with him like nothing's wrong.

The man who kidnapped and controlled her life is Isidro Garcia, 41-Years old. Her 10 years of captivity was so tough since she was not just abused mentally but also physically and sexually by her captor. She was even made to believe that her family did not bother to look for her anymore. She was even threatened that if she tries to contact her family, they will be deported to Mexico. She experienced being locked up until she started to lead a normal life controlled by her captor. She got moved at least 4 times and created multiple fake identities in order for her to not be identified by her family and authorities.


But all the lies and abuse ended when the now-25-year old woman decided to reach authorities after finding her sister's profile on Facebook. When she found her sister on Facebook, they started to talk and she found out that her family tried to locate her by going to a Spanish-language television station and filed reports on newspapers, contrary to what Garcia made her to believe that her family did not bother to look for her. The shocking discovery led the woman to finally end the 10 years of lies and deceit that she is living with Garcia. The Police arrested Garcia in Bell Gardens. Garcia was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, rape, lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment.

According to Cpl. Anthony BertagnaSanta Ana police :

The girl arrived from Mexico in February 2004 to join her mother and sister in Santa Ana. She had entered the United States illegally and spoke no English
Isidro Garcia was her mother's boyfriend that time. After one fight between the girl's mother and Garcia in August 2004, the girl's mother left the house and the girl, then 15, went to a nearby park. Garcia followed the girl. When he caught up with her, she said she had a headache and wanted to go home.  
Garcia began threatening the girl and gave her five pills that he said would help her headache but instead knocked her out. When the girl awoke, she was locked in a garage in Compton, a city between Santa Ana and Los Angeles. 
The mother filed a police report and for 10 years. But they were changing their names and dates of birth and physical locations so that made it exceedingly difficult.
Isidro Garcia is scheduled for arraignment for the charges of kidnapping, rape, lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment. The woman and her family is glad that she managed to stay strong through 10 years of torture and now can have her life back.

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