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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dog Of Killed Police Officer Cries At His Master's Funeral

Dogs are really man's best friend, one proof of that famous line is the touching story of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police dog named Danny and his partner, slain Constable David Ross. The great bond between the two cannot be denied as Danny the dog cries during his Master's funeral. The dog could be heard whimpering while saying his last goodbyes to his master and best friend.

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David Ross and Danny the Dog were partners and inseparable until David died on duty. David was gunned down during a murderous rampage. David was preparing dinner when he got the phone call about a mad man on the loose. Devoted to his work, David dropped everything to run to the scene. The family, friends and fellow servicemen gathered into the funeral inside a hockey arena while Danny was the guest of honor.

"Anytime Danny barked at home, it would be to get Dave to open the truck door so they could go to work," - Rachael Ross, David's wife
Since 2012, David and Danny teamed up and shared a wonderful working relationship. David's family are witnesses to their friendship. That's why everyone in the funeral procession spotted Danny sniffing his slain master’s Stetson for a trace of his best friend. He also padded alongside his master’s funeral casket. He could be heard whining throughout the funeral service which made people in the funeral more emotional.


Justin Bourque, The man responsible for David and his colleagues' deaths namely Const. Fabrice George Gevaudan and Const. Douglas James Larche, is charged with three counts of murder. Danny will still be kept on the force and will be having a trial bonding period with his new handler. It is unusual for police dogs to change handlers but Danny's skills and passion are one of the reasons he's being kept by the force. For two years, David and Danny definitely enjoyed and cherished a bond that's worth sharing to the world. Danny the Police Dog will surely make his slain master proud in heaven.

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