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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ghost of a Suicide Victim Caught on Tape

There's a belief that people who died without accomplishing their unfinished business will still lurk in the place where he/she felt alive for the last time. And if you're lucky enough, they might show themselves when you least expected it. Just like what happened to a set of friends riding a train in Japan. The friends are taking a video of their trip when suddenly they caught something creepy on their video recording.

The creepy sighting of a ghost happened in Ibaraki, Japan. The video was captured by two passengers riding on a train. They are filming their friend, who’s sitting next to a window. The trip seemed to be fun as the friends are still talking to each other.  But the train ride became creepy, as the train passes a transparent figure standing on the train tracks. The figure was described as a woman wearing a white top and has long black hair. The ghost appearance in the train tracks was expected since a lot of people took their own lives by committed suicide. They jump in front of the trains on the said railway in Ibaraki which leads to speculations that the transparwnt figure are one of the suicide victims still lurking imln the railway. Willvyou believe what your eyes will see in the video?

Watch the video here:

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