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Monday, June 30, 2014

POKOPOKOPIKOTAN : A Cute Dream Turned Into Creepy Nightmare

This may look so cute and girly but once you get through to the middle up to the end part of the video, You're gonna be shocked!

POKOPOKOPIKOTAN is a YouTube video uploaded by nana825763. It is a stopmotion video where we can see two girls in a very colorful setting filled with cute stuff. They seem to have fun at first until something freaky happens.

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The video received a lot of comments, some commented how weird and creepy the video is while some people said that it is related to Child Molestation and how it scars the lives of it's victims.
It can be linked to Surreal Horror where it all starts dream-like and fun but it will eventually turn out to be nightmare-inducing by showing bizarre and harsh imagery. Nevertheless, the video is really creative in giving us a bold and a strong message.

Watch the Video here:


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