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Monday, June 16, 2014

School Principal Accused Of Forcing Students To Walk For Hours As Punishment

A school principal from North Carolina is under investigation for allegedly giving elementary students a form of corporal punishment. The students were allegedly forced to walk for hours in the summer heat with no breakfast, no water as a form of punishment for not wearing their school uniforms. The said punishment was given to them by their school principal.


Tammy Holland, the school principal of Manchester Elementary School and some of the teachers may have a misunderstanding regarding the ''school uniform'' issue. According to the students and their parents, the teachers told the students a day before that they didn't have to wear uniforms. That's why a dozen of students were shocked to know that their principal is going to punish them for not wearing their uniforms.

The parents' of the students claimed that the punishment was too much for the kids. The kids were made to walk for more than two hours without any water to drink. The kids were also denied breakfast as part of their punishment. The unusual punishment only ended when one of the parents of the students dropped by at their school. The parent was in shock to see her daughter soaked in sweat while other students were catching their breaths. More than 10 students were still walking outside when she discovered the punishment that took place.

Other parents got furious when they knew the punishment and they wanted the school principal terminated from it's duty so that no more unusual punishments will happen in the future. The complaints filed by the parents led the school support services to investigate the allegations against the school principal.

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