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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Gruesome Hello Kitty Murder Case

Can you still  remember the Hello Kitty Murder? It was a grisly crime of Fan Man-yee, late night club hostess from Hongkong. It made a lot of headlines when the murder was discovered by the police. The Hello Kitty Murder pertains to the decapitated head of Fan that was mercilessly inserted in the head of a Hello Kitty stuffed toy.

Who is Fan Man-yee?

Fan Man-yee is a 23-Year Old woman who works as a club hostess. Apparently, She owed some money to the suspects of her murder case. Fan wasn't able to pay her debts that led to the 3 men to kidnap her and torture her.

The suffering of Fan Man-yee

Originally, the 3 suspects planned to make Fan work as a prostitute. But theychanged their minds when they felt that torturing her is much more fun. So instead of introducing Fan to the worldof prostitution, she became a toy of the 3 men. Every form of torture was experienced by Fan.

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She got to live her life being tied up, electrocuted, and more. She was also beaten up by the men using steel,iron,metal bars. They wouldeven punch her continuously, they would ask her to smile and laugh while they are beating her. Fan was also their personal toilet. It is really inhumane and unthinkable what Fan went through with the hands of her suspects. But even in her death, the men did not stopped on humiliating her. When Fan died, her  head was decapitated and inserted to a Hello Kitty stuff toy. 

The Discovery of Fan's Murder Case

Fan's murder case was known by the police through a report of a 14-year old girl. The 14-year old told the police that the ghost of Fan is haunting her every time. She could not take it anymore that's why she asked for help. The police investigated the report of the girl and went to inspect her apartment, It was later found out that a lot of evidence was present such as body organs and teeth on the said apartment. The most shocking evidence that they've found in the apartment is the decapitated head of Fan in the stuffed toy.

The Conclusion of the case 

Investigations were done for the murder of Fan, The 14-year old girl shocked everyone when she testified against the 3 men who kidnapped Fan. She also admitted that she participated in the torture of Fan. When she was asked on why did she do it, The girl answered that she did it just for fun, she is quite curious on what it feels like to hurt someone. The trial went on for 6 weeks and was noted to be one of the most gruesome cases that the court have ever heard of. The 3 men was convicted for manslaughter & unlawful imprisonment while the girl did not get into jail since she testified/became a witness. The 3 men got into prison but reports said that the 3 men have no remorse on what they have done.

Though the case is already closed, The Hello Kitty Murder never fails to creep out anyone who can remember what did Fan went through.


  1. OMG this is horrible. Nice post. Not the best way to die. Have your head cut off and stuck in a Hello Kitty costume. Poor lady.

    1. I agree. No one deserved to suffer that way. Nice post indeed!