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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Scary Diary Of A 7-Year Old Girl

It is quite normal for every kid to have an imaginary friend that they always play with in some point of their life. But what if that imaginary friend is not that nice or can even harm anyone around you?
This diary post of a 7 year old girl got popular on the Internet. It went viral due to it's creepiness, It was shared to different sites such as Creepypasta and more.

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The diary tells the story of a young girl who happens to have found a friend in Lisa.

Lisa is her imaginary friend since no one can see her except the little girl.

The scary part in the diary was two people who dissed the presence of Lisa were supposedly gone. Gone, meaning they were dead. Creepy right?

While some people believed that this diary post is real, there are also people who says that the diary post was an artwork from a deviantart user. The owner said that the image originated from her deviantart profile but it got popular all over the internet. 

credits to http://ocularfracture.deviantart.com 

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  1. Yep, this is my work. Please credit me.