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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Two 12 Year Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend To Please An Online Mythological Creature

Two preteen girls from Wisconsin shocked everyone for a crime they have allegedly committed The two 12-Year-Old girls are now being charged as adults for stabbing their friend 19 times in the woods to please a demon-like creature they've discovered from a horror/legends site in the Internet.


According to the police, The two girls invited their victim for a sleepover on a Friday night. The victim didn't know that her friends are plotting her death by stabbing her but the attack was delayed until the next day. The girls planned to kill their victim while playing hide and seek in the woods. The victim was stabbed several times, 19 times to be exact. The two girls left their victim in the woods thinking that she's already dead.

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Fortunately, The victim was able to crawl her way out of the woods and ask for help. A bicyclist saw the victim in the side of the road and rushed her to the hospital immediately. The girl is now in a stable condition.

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The police said that the suspects' reason for doing the crime was to please a mythological entity they've found from the Internet. One of the suspects admitted that they are trying to become the "proxies" of a demon like creature called Slender Man. The girls admitted that they planned to go to the creature's mansion after killing their victim. They just did what is stated on the information they've seen online.One of the suspects were also discovered to have sketched Slender Man numerous times in restaurant napkins before the crime was committed.

The father of the suspect even uploaded the "artwork" in Instagram with the following caption:
"Only [my daughter] draws Slenderman on a napkin in crayon when we're out for dinner"
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It is creepy to know that the suspects at a very young age were able to do such a crime and devote their souls to a demonic creature from the Internet. The suspects will be facing attempted murder charges and might be imprisoned for 60 years.

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  1. wtf! That's what happens when you don't watch your kids while they're browsing the internet.