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Saturday, June 28, 2014

What If You Were Invited To Your Own Funeral?

Death is inevitable and you only live once, maybe that's why some people uses that belief to be careless or be engaged on doing something risky. But what if you were about to attend your own funeral? Will it break your heart to see your family and friends grieve over you? They will even let you listen to the eulogy that was prepared for you, how would you feel? Are you going to regret what you have done in the past?

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In this short clip, 5 people namely Kim, Melanie, Gregory, Brice and Olivier who are self-admittedly speedy drivers(drives more than the average speed) will be able to experience to attend their own "funeral."

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All they know is that they are about to meet up with a friend, they did not know that they're about to have some wake-up call with the help of their beloved family and close friends. The reaction on their faces while listening to their family and friends' speeches shocked them and moved them into tears.

You can watch the video here :

Reminder: Please Make sure “CC” (closed captioning) is turned ON to view English, Spanish or German subtitles.

We tend to ignore the lives of the people that will be deeply devastated when we go to the "Went Too Fast, Gone Too Soon" route. Speed driving can kill or harm even slight speeding can injure you and some innocent lives. Share this video to your loved ones, friends that you know who might be speed driving or worst engages into careless driving.

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