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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Woman Discovers Her Niece's Plans Of Murdering Her Through Facebook

A woman got the shock of her life when she founds out that her 19-Year old niece is plotting to kill her with the guys she meets online through Facebook. Her niece, Marissa Williams was arrested due to solicitation of murder. Marissa admitted of talking to guys online asking them to help her to murder her aunt and her family.

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What's the reason for the 19-Year old to plan of murdering her aunt and it's family? Marissa and her aunt had an argument before regarding Marissa's habit of inviting guys that she meets online over their house. Marissa didn't liked what her aunt is trying to teach her, that's why she decided to block her aunt on her Facebook instead.

When her aunt discovered that she's blocked on her niece's Facebook, she decided to teach her niece a lesson. She created a fake Facebook account wherein she used the name Tre 'Topdog' Ellis to teach her niece a lesson about inviting guys over their house. The aunt's plan seemed to be working properly as Marissa replied to her messages thinking that she's really Tre Ellis. Marissa even invited the fake user to come to their house.

But things took a shocking turn as Marissa asked the fake profile created by her aunt to KILL her aunt and it's family since she hates them. Marissa even told the fake profile to act like he's going to kidnap her and shoot her aunt when she tries to stop him. That's when her aunt got alarmed and scared for her family's safety. She didn't expected her niece to think of murdering her and her family and to share it to a stranger she just met online. She called the police regarding her niece's plan of murder.

Marissa was arrested by the police, she admitted of saying those things to Tre Ellis that she didn't knew was a fake account but she didn't want to hurt anyone. Marissa is still in jail with $30,000 bond.

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