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Thursday, July 31, 2014

We may have issues throughout our entire lives. But imagine a child going through a horrific and abusive past who ended up being harmful to other people, is it fair to assume that they will live their whole life being miserable or a threat to our safety? All we can do is help them move on from their pain and suffering by having an open mind. That question led me to look up for the case of this little girl who once experienced the same fate.

What Actually Happened to Beth 'Child of Rage' Thomas?

Can you still remember the "CHILD OF RAGE"? It is one of the most shocking and quite disturbing documentaries ever made for television. Beth Thomas is the subject of the said documentary.

Child of Rage aired in 1989. The film is based on the true story of Beth Thomas, who suffered from RAD ( Reactive Attachment Disorder) as a result of sexual abuse. The film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. - Wikipedi
I can't forget this documentary because it shows how frightening it can be to see how an Innocent Child resort in to such ill behavior towards other people and animals without them feeling any sense of guilt or conscience.

Beth Thomas is suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder, Here's the description of that disorder:
WIKIPEDIA - Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is described in clinical literature as a severe and relatively uncommon disorder that can affect children. RAD is characterized by markedly disturbed and developmentally inappropriate ways of relating socially in most contexts. It can take the form of a persistent failure to initiate or respond to most social interactions in a developmentally appropriate way—known as the "inhibited form"—or can present itself as indiscriminate sociability such as excessive familiarity with relative strangers—known as the "disinhibited form".
The core feature is severely inappropriate social relating by affected children. This can manifest itself in two ways:
Indiscriminate and excessive attempts to receive comfort and affection from any available adult, even relative strangers (older children and adolescents may also aim attempts at peers).
Extreme reluctance to initiate or accept comfort and affection, even from familiar adults, especially when distressed 

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 Back to the documentary, We get to see a normal-looking family startin to look for Psychological hep for their adopted daughter who seemed to display inappropriate behavior, violence and hostility towards the people around her.

Here are the disturbing behaviors that Beth is showing;
  1. Violent acts (such as killing a clutch of baby birds and attacking her brother while he sleeps)
  2. Tearing her room apart.
  3. Stabbing the family dog with a needle.
  4. Fondling her grandfather.
  5. Beth cuts a classmate with a shard of glass.
  6. Beth being vocal to her thoughts of killing her parents.

Her adopted parents got alarmed by this behaviors and went through a series of therapies to help beth cope up with her tragic past (It was revealed then that Beth is a victim of Sexual Abuse growing up that led her to have RAD)

The Thomas Family struggled towards Beth's rehabilitation but eventually Beth shows signs of improvement.

Decades have passed and that got some people asking how Beth Thomas is doing right after her therapy.

Fortunately, Attachment Therapy worked on her and she recovered from her disturbing past.

Beth Thomas, RN, BSN, is the adopted daughter of Attachment Therapy proponent Nancy Thomas. Ms Thomas is the only independent adult survivor of Attachment Therapy/Parenting to speak well of Attachment Therapy. She currently works with Nancy Thomas and her company Families by Design in promoting Attachment Therapy and its parenting methods through lectures and materials sales. - ChildrenInTherpy.org

Yes, Beth turned out to live a normal life. Beth is now a RN (Registered Nurse) at a hospital in Flagstaff. She is working on the Neonatal Unit.

Just goes to show that there's always hope in every psychological disorders with ever-supportive family and competent therapies.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Let me ask you a question, Would you like to visit an island filled with dolls?

Most kids, especially young girls love to collect DOLLS and play with it. Some even makes it a hobby to have a collection of dolls and turns it into a museum for everyone to see. Some people can take their fascination to new extremes such as undergoing surgical operations to look like a doll while some believes that a doll can link them to the paranormal world.

Somewhere in South Mexico, An island is said to be haunted by dolls. The island is renowned for it's creepiness because it is filled with old and mutilated dolls that never fails to scare anyone who sets foot on the terror island.

It is called 'La Isla de las Munecas' (Island of Dolls) situated at the Xochimilco Canals in Mexico.
The island became one of the creepiest tourist destinations in South Mexico and in the whole world. 

The Legend

The Island is haunted by dolls due to an EVIL SPIRIT that lurks on it. It is believed that half a century ago, A little girl drowned in the river nearby the island with her beloved doll. Since that unfortunate incident happened, Dolls started to multiply on the canals believing that the Dead Girl's spirit is angry and haunts the place where she died. The dolls move like living things. This paranormal menace made the local residents stay away from the island.

The Island's Inhabitant

The sole resident of the island, The Late Don Julian starts to fished out one doll after another from the canals. Believing that this is a sign of the evil spirit, The Late Don Julian hangs the dolls on the tree to protect him. He does it to appease the spirit but it didn't help because the number of dolls on the island is still growing, Leading Don Julian to build a shrine for the dolls. This made him believe that he will be protected from the wrath of the Evil Spirit aside from hanging the dolls on various trees on the island.

Don Julian lived on the island until his dying day, he lived there alone even if he has a wife and a son who chose to live away from the island. Some sources stated that Don Julian also got addicted on collecting dolls that he even buys dolls from the nearby island's residents in exchange of fruits.
He died due to heart failure but people believes that the cause of his death is due to the spirits, They also believed that Don Julian's spirit now wanders the island with the dead girl's spirit.

The Island's Look

The dolls are hanged on trees,  some with missing body parts while some are starting to decay. Other dolls can be seen on a shrine adding creepiness to the island. The island is now abandoned but it is now considered a place to go to for the tourists.

The Island's Popularity

Currently, No one lives on the island anymore but tourists can visit the island through Don Julian's Nephew, Anastacio. Anastacio opens the island for tourists with the help of their donations. Anastacio is not living on the island because he witnessed the dolls' creepy movements.
Other tourists who brings doll offerings on the island admits to hearing eerie voices on the island and even reports of feeling being stared at by the dolls' soulless eyes.

Unfortunately, the popular island is still included on the regular tourist guide until now. Tourists will still need to hire their own trajinera and driver to take them to the island. 

Now, Would you dare to visit 'La Isla de las Munecas' ?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Man Goes To Doctor And Discovers That He's Actually A Woman

A 44-year-old marries man got the shock of his life as the stomach pain and blood in his urine that he is experiencing led to an unexpected revelation. Chen visited his doctor to have his checkup, but his world was turned upside down when it was discovered that he is actually a woman and the stomach pain and blood in his urine was due to his menstruation.

The doctors at the hospital was also shocked with the result of Chen's checkup. As they examined Chen further, they discovered that he actually had a uterus and ovaries. Though he has a penis, it was axtually deformed but that didn't stop him from having a wife for ten years.

“He had short hair and was dressed in man's clothes,We did not realize he was a female at first." - Dr. Zhao

A blood test was also done, the blood test confirmed that Chen was chromosomally female. The doctors concluded that Chen is actually called adrenogenital syndrome. The adrenogenital syndrome is usually treatable with hormone therapy only if it is detected earlier. Unfortunately for Chen, he only have discovered it when he's 44 years old.

A Man Goes To Doctor And Discovers That He's Actually A Woman

Facebook is indeed a powerful force in the ever-changing world of Social Media. We use it to connect to our friends, family and meet new people. One living proof of Facebook's power is Raimundo Sobrinho. Raimundo Sobrinho's life has changed with the help of a woman named Shalla Monteiro, one of the million users of Facebook in the whole wide world..

For almost 35 years, Raimundo Sobrinho is a homeless man in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a poet and was known by residents by sitting consistently with his poems in the same spot where people gets to read Raimundo's poems. Unfortunately, only few people get to see his work despite the brilliance of his writings. That's when Shalla Monteiro enters the life of our talented poet.

Shalla is impressed with Raimundo's work and started to create a page in Facebook to help Raimundo's work reach more people that will totally appreciate his writings. His page attracted 40,000 fans all over the world. Not only having a wider audience who adores his work became the advantage of having a facebook page, Raimundo was also able to find his brother.

Raimundo's life and how Shalla helped him is included in the "Facebook Stories" initiative. Kindness is really evident with Shalla's gesture. Who would have thought that by posting Raimundo's poems through social media will make wonders. Kudos to Shalla Monteiro!

Watch the inspiring life of Raimundo here:

It is really a good feeling to help other people have better lives. Big or small things that can help doesn't matter, It's the thought that really counts.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We all know that it's been a tough year for Malaysia Airlines since two of their flights have experienced the most controversial and depressing tragedies for this year. The victims' families definitely finds it hard to accept what happened to their loved ones. But in a very shocking twist of fate, a woman lost her family members in both Malaysian Flights. We couldn't imagine how hard she's going through with the said tragedies. Kaylene Mann lost her brother on the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which mysteriously disappeared in the air. Kaylene also lost her stepdaughter through the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 which was shot down in Ukraine.

Kaylene Mann's brother Rod Burrows together with her sister-in-law Mary Burrows were on board flight MH370 when it suddenly disappeared in March while she also found out that her stepdaughter, Marie Rizk, was among the victims of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

'It's just brought everyone, everything back, It's just ... ripped our guts again.' -Greg Burrows

Mr. Burrows told the press that his family mourns and struggles to accept two blows in a year.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The HIV/AIDS research treatment and patients took a huge blow when 100 HIV researchers, doctors, and advocates died on the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 who were headed to their HIV/AIDS convention.

Their plane was shot down in Ukraine. But the hope in preventing the spread of the disease and to find the cure for deadly virus is still alive. One good news would be the recent development of the two Australian cancer patients’s HIV suddenly became undetectable (HIV-FREE) after they have received a bone-marrow therapy with stem cell treatment.

It is indeed a very good news to the HIV/AIDS community.

For precautionary reasons, The two patients will still undergo antiretroviral therapy. According to David Cooper, director of the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, the retroviral drugs alone could not be the reason for lowering the virus levels of the two patients and the stem cell treatment played a huge role for the said result.

According to Nature Journal :
Cooper began searching for patients who had been purged of the HIV virus after attending a presentation by a US team last year at a conference of the International AIDS Society in Kuala Lumpur. At that meeting, researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, reported that two patients who had received stem-cell transplants were virus-free.

Cooper and his collaborators scanned the archives of St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney, one of the largest bone-marrow centres in Australia. “We went back and looked whether we had transplanted [on] any HIV-positive patients, and found these two,” says Cooper.
The first patient had received a bone-marrow transplant for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011. His replacement stem cells came from a donor who carried one copy of a gene thought to afford protection against the virus. The other had been treated for leukaemia in 2012.
Unfortunately, several months after the ‘Boston’ patients stopped taking ART, the virus returned. An infant born with HIV in Mississippi who received antiretroviral therapy soon after birth, then stopped it for more than three years, was thought to have been cured, but has had the virus rebound, too.
At the moment, there is only one person in the world who is still considered cured of HIV: Timothy Ray Brown, the ‘Berlin patient’, who received a bone-marrow transplant and has had no signs of the virus in his blood for six years without ART. The bone marrow received by the Berlin patient came from a donor who happened to have a natural genetic resistance to his strain of HIV.
“It is very possible that the Australian men would relapse if they were to stop antiretroviral therapy,” says Timothy Henrich, an infectious-disease specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital who helped to treat the Boston men.
Because of the risk of relapse, Cooper’s team will not claim that their patients are cured. But, he says, the results show that “there is something about bone-marrow transplantation in people with HIV that has an anti-HIV reservoir effect, such that the reservoirs go down to very low levels. And if we can understand what that is and how that happens, it will really accelerate the field of cure search”.
Stem-cell transplant in itself cannot be used as a routine HIV treatment, because of the high mortality (10%) associated with the procedure. An important next step will be to find more such cases and compare them, says Cooper, to try to identify where the virus might be hiding. “These patients are very precious examples to help us understand how we might manipulate the immune system to drive the reservoir down to these extraordinary low levels.”
Henrich says that a larger pool of patients will provide a better understanding of how the immune system can be harnessed to fight HIV, adding that there could be many more people around the world whose virus has become undetectable.
The fight in preventing the HIV/AIDS virus may be a tough one and it will take a lot of comprehensive studies and research to knock it down but as long as we have researchers, doctors and advocates devoted to put an end to the disease, The cure for HIV/AIDS will be discovered as soon as possible.  

Ever wished that you could own a robot that you can treat as a part of your own family, a robot that could fit in and will be helpful in many different situations? Well, you got to meet JIBO, the first family robot. Apparently his features is real.

JIBO's features are so cool, You'd like the video calling and auto-photo/video thing he can offer.
JIBO can be of help with your kids too. He can do storytelling and make some scary faces to fit the emotions of the story. There's a lot of things that JIBO can do. See how JIBO relates to you and becomes part of the family.

Watch the Video here:


Sunday, July 20, 2014

One of the creepy conspiracy theories about the downed Malaysia airlines flight MH17 that killed 298 passengers can be the involvement of The Illuminati. For years, some of the deaths, tragedies, etc. are being connected to The Illuminati. The Illuminati, is a ritualistic organization that has been around since the times of Christian crusades. How can The Illuminati be responsible for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17?

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The whole world was totally shocked with the recent tragedy on air. We couldn't explain the sadness that the alleged attack have caused the families of the casualties but one thing's for sure, and that's a lot of conspiracy theories are showing up to explain the unexpected unfortunate incident. There are some theories that blames Russia for the tragedy. There were some theories too that suggests US or Ukraine was behind the attack to put the blame on Russia. There were also theories that the MH17 attack was due to the aliens. But in this article, let's try to see if the Illuminati is really the one to blame for the Malaysia airlines flight MH17 tragedy.

According to the IlluminatiWatcher:
I followed the previous Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (exhaustively) and concluded that it must’ve been aliens; one of the first conspiracy theories to surface, and until we hear otherwise I’m sticking with it. In that MH370 conspiracy theories post I referenced the fact that the alleged Illuminati might have been involved due to the number 777 being tied in. You’ll notice that this MH17 was also a Boeing 777.
One theory claims that there is numerology at play here because of the occult importance of the number 777. The Malaysia Airlines aircraft flown on Flight MH370 was a Boeing 777, and although some people are mixing up the aircraft model with the flight number, that 777 is the link they are claiming.
The number 7 or 777 is said to be an Illuminati symbol.  Leister Crowley also wrote a book that was called 777 which plays a significant meaning and symbolism to the Illuminati.

To show the significance of the number 7, take a look at this:

There are 7 Creative powers of the Godhead
There are 7 Great Ages of the Earth
There are 7 Races of mankind
There are 7 laws governing human life
There are 7 Schools of Mystery Religions

If we look further for it's esoteric meaning, 777 was defined as the virgin spirits discovery of 777 incarnations during seven revolutions that the wave of life accomplishes around the seven globes of the seven world periods.

How can the number 7 be related to the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17? Let's do some math.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014 which cn be translated to = 17/7/2014
The plane was attacked exactly after 17 years from it's first flight, MH17 made its first flight on July 17, 1997. And to add more creepy coincidence, July is the 7th month of 2014, wherein 2014 is a year which has it's numbers that can be added up and give a number 7 result (2 + 0 + 1 + 4= 7).

Kev Baker of TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther) Youtube Channel even uploaded a video that links the number 7 to the MH17 tragedy.

Watch the video here:

Friday, July 11, 2014

" A woman from Romania claimed that a message from her dead grandmother was received by her through a SELFIE. The woman named Gina Mihai even said that her grandmother has contacted her from beyond the grave.

Gina Mihai is a 34-year old woman from Romania , the unusual and creepy message she got from the dead started when she found a picture of her deceased grandmother on her phone. Gina truly believes her grandma's spirit is reaching out for help. Her belief was even supported by a reading of a fortune teller, the fortune teller said her grandmother was being punished in the other world.

When I switched the phone on I was horrified to see my dead grandmother’s face,’ she said. She had what looked like a snake around her neck, and the whole image looked as if it had been taken through a hole, like it was shot through a tear in the fabric that separates the living from the dead. -Gina Mihai
‘I took it to a fortune teller who told me that my grandmother was sending me a message from the other side, the snake around her neck was a symbol of the fact that she was being punished in the other life for some sin. - Gina Mihai

Gina was also convinced that her grandma's suffering has something to do with her as well. She felt that she can be blamed for her grandmother’s punishment because she did not follow a traditional tribute for the dead. Gina did not bring food to her grave which is considered as a traditional tribute paid during the Romanian feast of the service of alms.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ever wondered what your nightmares exactly mean? Ever imagined if that certain nightmare will really come true and will you escape that scary situation? Or are you thrilled to see what happens next when that nightmare comes into life? In this article, we will try to explain the meaning of that scary nightmare.

When you dream of being killed: Though it is impossible for us to really die in our dreams but there are some dreams that we are being chased or being hunted by a crazed human being or a ghostly creature, it basically means that we may be feeling disappointment ir we are not contented on the current phase of our lives.

When you dream of seeing the dead: This dream is said to be a reflection of our feelings pertaining to inability to let go.

When you dream of your teeth falling out: This dream is known for a sign of an impending death within your faamily or someone close to you. another meaning of this dream is that there's a pressure on you because you feel like you're being judged by others due to your physical appearance.

When you dream of being hated or disliked: When there's Hate in our dreams, it represents a feeling of repressed aggression, guilt, worry, insecurity and fear of confrontation.

When you dream of being attacked: Fear of confronting a person or a certain problem in your life.

When you dream of being trapped: You are currently feeling like there's no more room for you to improve your current situation such as dead end job, negative relationship, frustrations in career or life.

When you dream of experiencing Natural Disasters: Due to the weather's unpredictability, it’s a dream that represents your feeling of stress and anxiety.

When you dream of Falling: It means that you are unable to control a certain aspect of your life that needs to be dealt with but you're too scared to fix. 

When you dream of Drowning: you are being overwhelmed by sudden rush of emotions or situations that you weren't prepared to face immediately. you need to take things slower and more carefully.

When you dream of Technology malfunction: since we're living in a word wherein technology plays  huge part in our everyday lives and if you dream of technology glitches such as a phone not working,it means that you might have failed to reach out to someone.

When you dream of Fire: if you dreamed that you're being burned, it means your temper gets out of control. If you see a house is on fire, a change is needed to come. but if you are trapped in a burning house, it means you're feeling insecure about handling changes.

When you dream of being attacked by dogs: a trusted friend or family member you really thought that's loyal to you will shock you with the way he/she will betray you. you need to re-evaluate your circle of friends to prevent getting backstabbed by a friend you thought to be loyal to you.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Is there a mysterious creature lurking in the jungles of Brazil? That's probably the question of the group of boys who have took a video of the said creature. A group of teenage boys were out swimming, The teen who films the video pans the camera over to one of his friends standing on the other side of the stream wherein a path that leads into the jungle can be seen when suddenly his camera captures a movement from an unidentified creature.

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The teen who’s filming sees something moving behind his friend. He even asked his friend to look behind, but it is not only him who checked on it. Everyone on the stream move in closer to have a check. They got shocked as they see a humanoid creature peeking at them from the jungle path. The creature appeared to have pale skin. The humanoid quickly disappears into the jungle and the teens run in terror.

Watch the video here:


Friday, July 4, 2014

The Illuminati game is a standalone card game made by Steve Jackson Games (SJG). It was printed in 1994. The game looks normal at first look but as soon as you check the cards, you begin to realize that the what happened in the cards came true. The Terrorism Attacks, Barack Obama,  Tsunami, Oil Spill, Music Industry and more are kind of related or familiar to the cards from the game. The cards were all distributed on 1994, what creeps other people is that the other cards might come true such as the Flesh Eating Disease, World War III emerging, End of the World and more. Is this a case of coincidence or is it a warning for everyone? One thing that is sure though, The card game is creepy as hell.

Here are some of the cards:











The guy in the backlash card looks like Obama, right? The terrorist nuke looks like 9/11 and that oil spill reminds us of the one that happened in Louisiana's coast not so long ago. And also the Pentagon! What kind of sorcery is this? Thes game looks fun but also a bit scary. It's like anyone could use these cards to predict the future.