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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Teenagers Captured A Video of a Humanoid Creature in Brazil

Is there a mysterious creature lurking in the jungles of Brazil? That's probably the question of the group of boys who have took a video of the said creature. A group of teenage boys were out swimming, The teen who films the video pans the camera over to one of his friends standing on the other side of the stream wherein a path that leads into the jungle can be seen when suddenly his camera captures a movement from an unidentified creature.

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The teen who’s filming sees something moving behind his friend. He even asked his friend to look behind, but it is not only him who checked on it. Everyone on the stream move in closer to have a check. They got shocked as they see a humanoid creature peeking at them from the jungle path. The creature appeared to have pale skin. The humanoid quickly disappears into the jungle and the teens run in terror.

Watch the video here:


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