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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Common Nightmares And Their Meanings

Ever wondered what your nightmares exactly mean? Ever imagined if that certain nightmare will really come true and will you escape that scary situation? Or are you thrilled to see what happens next when that nightmare comes into life? In this article, we will try to explain the meaning of that scary nightmare.

When you dream of being killed: Though it is impossible for us to really die in our dreams but there are some dreams that we are being chased or being hunted by a crazed human being or a ghostly creature, it basically means that we may be feeling disappointment ir we are not contented on the current phase of our lives.

When you dream of seeing the dead: This dream is said to be a reflection of our feelings pertaining to inability to let go.

When you dream of your teeth falling out: This dream is known for a sign of an impending death within your faamily or someone close to you. another meaning of this dream is that there's a pressure on you because you feel like you're being judged by others due to your physical appearance.

When you dream of being hated or disliked: When there's Hate in our dreams, it represents a feeling of repressed aggression, guilt, worry, insecurity and fear of confrontation.

When you dream of being attacked: Fear of confronting a person or a certain problem in your life.

When you dream of being trapped: You are currently feeling like there's no more room for you to improve your current situation such as dead end job, negative relationship, frustrations in career or life.

When you dream of experiencing Natural Disasters: Due to the weather's unpredictability, it’s a dream that represents your feeling of stress and anxiety.

When you dream of Falling: It means that you are unable to control a certain aspect of your life that needs to be dealt with but you're too scared to fix. 

When you dream of Drowning: you are being overwhelmed by sudden rush of emotions or situations that you weren't prepared to face immediately. you need to take things slower and more carefully.

When you dream of Technology malfunction: since we're living in a word wherein technology plays  huge part in our everyday lives and if you dream of technology glitches such as a phone not working,it means that you might have failed to reach out to someone.

When you dream of Fire: if you dreamed that you're being burned, it means your temper gets out of control. If you see a house is on fire, a change is needed to come. but if you are trapped in a burning house, it means you're feeling insecure about handling changes.

When you dream of being attacked by dogs: a trusted friend or family member you really thought that's loyal to you will shock you with the way he/she will betray you. you need to re-evaluate your circle of friends to prevent getting backstabbed by a friend you thought to be loyal to you.

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