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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Actually Happened to Beth 'Child of Rage' Thomas?

We may have issues throughout our entire lives. But imagine a child going through a horrific and abusive past who ended up being harmful to other people, is it fair to assume that they will live their whole life being miserable or a threat to our safety? All we can do is help them move on from their pain and suffering by having an open mind. That question led me to look up for the case of this little girl who once experienced the same fate.

What Actually Happened to Beth 'Child of Rage' Thomas?

Can you still remember the "CHILD OF RAGE"? It is one of the most shocking and quite disturbing documentaries ever made for television. Beth Thomas is the subject of the said documentary.

Child of Rage aired in 1989. The film is based on the true story of Beth Thomas, who suffered from RAD ( Reactive Attachment Disorder) as a result of sexual abuse. The film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. - Wikipedi
I can't forget this documentary because it shows how frightening it can be to see how an Innocent Child resort in to such ill behavior towards other people and animals without them feeling any sense of guilt or conscience.

Beth Thomas is suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder, Here's the description of that disorder:
WIKIPEDIA - Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is described in clinical literature as a severe and relatively uncommon disorder that can affect children. RAD is characterized by markedly disturbed and developmentally inappropriate ways of relating socially in most contexts. It can take the form of a persistent failure to initiate or respond to most social interactions in a developmentally appropriate way—known as the "inhibited form"—or can present itself as indiscriminate sociability such as excessive familiarity with relative strangers—known as the "disinhibited form".
The core feature is severely inappropriate social relating by affected children. This can manifest itself in two ways:
Indiscriminate and excessive attempts to receive comfort and affection from any available adult, even relative strangers (older children and adolescents may also aim attempts at peers).
Extreme reluctance to initiate or accept comfort and affection, even from familiar adults, especially when distressed 

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 Back to the documentary, We get to see a normal-looking family startin to look for Psychological hep for their adopted daughter who seemed to display inappropriate behavior, violence and hostility towards the people around her.

Here are the disturbing behaviors that Beth is showing;
  1. Violent acts (such as killing a clutch of baby birds and attacking her brother while he sleeps)
  2. Tearing her room apart.
  3. Stabbing the family dog with a needle.
  4. Fondling her grandfather.
  5. Beth cuts a classmate with a shard of glass.
  6. Beth being vocal to her thoughts of killing her parents.

Her adopted parents got alarmed by this behaviors and went through a series of therapies to help beth cope up with her tragic past (It was revealed then that Beth is a victim of Sexual Abuse growing up that led her to have RAD)

The Thomas Family struggled towards Beth's rehabilitation but eventually Beth shows signs of improvement.

Decades have passed and that got some people asking how Beth Thomas is doing right after her therapy.

Fortunately, Attachment Therapy worked on her and she recovered from her disturbing past.

Beth Thomas, RN, BSN, is the adopted daughter of Attachment Therapy proponent Nancy Thomas. Ms Thomas is the only independent adult survivor of Attachment Therapy/Parenting to speak well of Attachment Therapy. She currently works with Nancy Thomas and her company Families by Design in promoting Attachment Therapy and its parenting methods through lectures and materials sales. - ChildrenInTherpy.org

Yes, Beth turned out to live a normal life. Beth is now a RN (Registered Nurse) at a hospital in Flagstaff. She is working on the Neonatal Unit.

Just goes to show that there's always hope in every psychological disorders with ever-supportive family and competent therapies.


  1. Thank you andie Dreamer for sharing!

  2. thank you heather! appreciated it. :)

  3. Sorry but I would not want her near my baby. I don't believe that therapy is enough with someone who has psychological problems at that young of an age. It was an anger issue back then and maybe has it under control now but would happen if she got angry at someone.

  4. @ Niftyrosa1

    Let me correct you:

    It was'n't a genetic problem, she wasn't born with the problems she had. Instead, she was damaged so badly in her ability to love, that she developed those issues. It's an attachment disorder, caused by the abuse and bad environment she grew up in, as a originally healthy baby.

    Please, don't judge when you don't know what it's all about. It's damaging for the general image people might have of children with these problems.

    Tip: If you watch the movie about this story, you might understand it.

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  6. Thanks for clarifying the current situation of Beth ! It is proof that rehabilitation was a success . I know , however, that this beautiful girl will have sequels for your lifetime

  7. I agree with niftyrose1... if someone wants to trust her with their children, fine. but it wouldn't be me. sorry....

  8. How ignorant do you have to be to say that therapy is not enough. therapy has been a lot for me,Beth and thousands of other people.

  9. If I were man I would be worried about her relieving her nightmare and snapping on me in the middle of the night and she might consider cutting off ma penis thinking that I am her dad who molested her...But I am woman...so

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  11. To each their own.
    The earliest part of Beths life was tragic. What happened to her was inconceivable to most of us. Her adoptive parents must truly be remarkable people. They saw her through and helped Beth find healing. Its a wonderful end to a story with an ugly beginning. I hope she is genuinely happy, and she deserves it. We all do.
    I can't say what I would do if I were in the exact position of the commenter who have responded negatively in regards to her being a nurse to their own child, but every parent has an obligation to protect their own. I'm glad Beth has healed and become successful. My children are grown. As of today I can say I would leave them with her. But that is my choice, and they are adults. I understand the difference between a newborn and a grown man, but my point is that I think a parent has the right to say they wouldn't want to have her be a nurse to their own child. Its not fair to call people ignorant for feeling that way. I'm not siding on weather or not she can do it. I have no doubt she's fabulous at her job, but that doesn't mean everyone will feel comfortable with her. I don't think anyone against the idea is saying that she is a bad person or that they want her to be one. No one looked out for Beth until it was almost too late and she was damaged because of it. Her story and others like hers is why these parents are concerned for their own children.

  12. To the people who are afraid of her, etc... You do realize you are judging an adult based on things she said when she was SIX YEARS OLD! You know who she is because her story is widely known. But what about the other millions of people walking the street, taking out your trash, teaching your children, driving taxis, cooking your food, guarding you while you sleep? Are you assuming none of them have troubled pasts? Maybe most of us had cakewalk childhoods compared to Beth. But some of us may have had it worse. As you walk the streets of any major city, or small town even, look around at everyone of every color, gender, etc. What do you know about their childhoods? Maybe your next door neighbor was raped daily until they were eight. How would you know?
    Is the answer to be paranoid and assume the world is out to get you? Of course not. So you "know about" this one? Okay. Why would anyone assume she would just snap one day because of what she went through 30 years ago? THIRTY! YEARS!
    I don't go for the "Once a ______ always a _____" type of arguments because they're BS. If you watch the documentary (it's up on YouTube) you can see the Beth at the beginning with the frighteningly cold, remorseless eyes recounting her desire to stab her brother to death, the most adult-looking child I've ever seen. Compare her to the Beth at the end, who for the first time, has the dawning, crushing realization of what she almost did, finally starting to get her childhood back. Even then, she was on the mend.

    Okay, so I've defended Beth. Now I want to shift gears. I noticed something in the blurb up there:

    "Ms Thomas is the only independent adult survivor of Attachment Therapy/Parenting to speak well of Attachment Therapy. "

    Um..... what? Okay, as my impassioned rant up there indicates, I feel like Beth (and society) dodged a bullet because of the love and compassion offered to her by her family and her therapists. So, what's this about her being the "only" survivor to speak well of the therapy? What is that about? Did all the others not speak well of it? This bears further research. Surf Wisely.


    1. A few years later, I must say -- very well put. Thanks for being a voice of reason.

  13. So...do you all get resumes and a personal background on all of the nurses before you go to a hospital? When you have your child (ren) delivered? That's what I thought.