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Friday, July 11, 2014

Woman Contacted By Dead Grandmother Thru Selfie

" A woman from Romania claimed that a message from her dead grandmother was received by her through a SELFIE. The woman named Gina Mihai even said that her grandmother has contacted her from beyond the grave.

Gina Mihai is a 34-year old woman from Romania , the unusual and creepy message she got from the dead started when she found a picture of her deceased grandmother on her phone. Gina truly believes her grandma's spirit is reaching out for help. Her belief was even supported by a reading of a fortune teller, the fortune teller said her grandmother was being punished in the other world.

When I switched the phone on I was horrified to see my dead grandmother’s face,’ she said. She had what looked like a snake around her neck, and the whole image looked as if it had been taken through a hole, like it was shot through a tear in the fabric that separates the living from the dead. -Gina Mihai
‘I took it to a fortune teller who told me that my grandmother was sending me a message from the other side, the snake around her neck was a symbol of the fact that she was being punished in the other life for some sin. - Gina Mihai

Gina was also convinced that her grandma's suffering has something to do with her as well. She felt that she can be blamed for her grandmother’s punishment because she did not follow a traditional tribute for the dead. Gina did not bring food to her grave which is considered as a traditional tribute paid during the Romanian feast of the service of alms.

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