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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meet Addy, A 5-Year old girl who loves to draw,sing and dance. She also fancies everything pink and purple. But unlike any other little girls her age, Addy was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer. During her Chemotherapy sessions and hospital visits, she gets to practice her passion for drawing and performing. Addy loves music and she also admires a lot of popstars, that's why when Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic asked her what would be her wish - She asked to be a POP STAR by performing the popular song from Katy Perry "ROAR"

As Addy performs ROAR, she show us that she'll be victorious in her battle with her disease and to also show the world how strong and how dedicated she is with her passion for singing and dancing. We wish that Katy Perry gets to see how beautiful and cool Addy is.

Watch The Music Video Here:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A church is being criticized for having a homeless man jailed for allegedly stealing cookies, The church was criticized for allegedly not exercising Christian Values. The homeless man got arrested by the ploice for eating. $2.25 worth of cookies from a Florida church. The church officials are insisting of pressing charges to the homeless man.

The church, The First Baptist Church of Royal Palm Beach expressed that their decision to press charges was an act of goodwill. They had the homeless man arrested for his own good. According to the Palm Beach Post report, The homeless man is so helpless and he went to the church to ask for help. The door to the church was unlocked that time. That's when he saw the cookies, he got hungry and ate the cookies that's worth of $2.25. The cleaning woman discovered the homeless man's presence and hurriedly called 911.

A church employee said to the deputy that they are going to press charges for the alleged theft committed by the homeless man, due to the charges,the homeless man was jailed. The church received backlash and criticism regarding the said incident.

"The young man appeared to be under the influence. Since he was wandering around the neighborhood, the officer suggested the best course may be to press charges for the incident which would enter the young man into the system where he could find help. The church staff member agreed. Although our church partners with PBSO (Palm Beach County Sheriff Office) to provide hundreds of meals for needy families, this time we agreed with the officer’s suggestion that the young man needed more help than just a free meal. We have contacts with rehabilitation programs. We do refer individuals to such programs and in retrospect we might have done so with this individual." - Church Representative through "The Independent”

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Driving at night might give you an eerie feeling, most especially if you're afraid of ghosts. You wouldn't want to meet a long haired lady all dressed in white while you're on the road. But what if all of a sudden, she's behind you? This might be the best paranormal ghost prank ever attempted.

Watch the video here :


Sunday, August 3, 2014

There are several factors to consider for a country to be tagged as miserable. The recent study from Social Economists Intelligence Unit from John Hopkins University's  Professor Steve H. Hanke's calculations shows how 90 countries all over the world ranked when it comes to being miserable.

The research used the misery index tool where the misery score is the sum of Inflation Rate, Lending Rate, Unemployment Rate minus the percent change in the real GDP per capital.

Here are the Top 10 Most Miserable Countries In The World

1. Venezuela

Misery Index: 79.4
Major Contributing Factor: Inflation
"Venezuela is in much worse shape than suggested by the official data" - Prof. Hanke

2. Iran

Misery Index: 61.6
Major Contributing Factor: Inflation
According to Hanke, Ahmadinejad's presidency showed that the country's economy is getting worse.

3. Serbia

Misery Index: 44.8
Major Contributing Factor: Unemployment
The huge rate of unemployed Serbians turns out to be a huge hindrance for Serbia to progress.

4. Argentina

Misery Index: 43.1
Major Contributing Factor: Inflation
The falling economy and high inflation rate contributed a lot for the country to be included on the list.

5. Jamaica

Misery Index: 42.3
Major Contributing Factor: Interest Rate
Corruption and High Crime Rate in Jamaica are the main factors for people to lose interest.

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6. Egypt

Misery Index: 38.1
Major Contributing Factor: Unemployment
Tourism rates dropping due to war seems to be the problem for the country to be included in the list.

7. Spain

Misery Index: 37.6
Major Contributing Factor: Unemployment
Value Added Tax or VAT and increased food prices contributed a lot for the country to be one of the most miserable countries in the world.

8. South Africa

Misery Index: 37.4
Major Contributing Factor: Unemployment
It is also the top 8 least happy country in the world.

9. Brazil

Misery Index: 37.3
Major Contributing Factor: Interest Rate
Increasing poverty and rampant crimes being committed in Brazil put the country on the 9th place.

10. Greece

Misery Index: 36.4
Major Contributing Factor: Unemployment
Global Financial Crisis that led to huge increase of suicidal rates in the country are the reasons for Greece to land on the list.

Here is the COMPLETE LIST of World's Most Miserable Countries

Friday, August 1, 2014

It is normal for people to care about kids because they are so innocent and fragile. You cannot let a kid cry especially if she was lost or abandoned, so what do you need to do to help? You might help her look for her parents and let the authorities take care of her. But what if the innocent child turns out to be a zombie-like creature and wants you for her supper?

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In this scare prank video, An abandoned child who cries to gather people's attention will surely terrify the people who wants to help her.

Watch the Video here: