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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cancer Patient's Wish To Perform Like Katy Perry Was Granted

Meet Addy, A 5-Year old girl who loves to draw,sing and dance. She also fancies everything pink and purple. But unlike any other little girls her age, Addy was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer. During her Chemotherapy sessions and hospital visits, she gets to practice her passion for drawing and performing. Addy loves music and she also admires a lot of popstars, that's why when Make-A-Wish® Mid-Atlantic asked her what would be her wish - She asked to be a POP STAR by performing the popular song from Katy Perry "ROAR"

As Addy performs ROAR, she show us that she'll be victorious in her battle with her disease and to also show the world how strong and how dedicated she is with her passion for singing and dancing. We wish that Katy Perry gets to see how beautiful and cool Addy is.

Watch The Music Video Here:

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