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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Church Insists On Pressing Charges On A Homeless Man For Eating Cookies Worth $2.25

A church is being criticized for having a homeless man jailed for allegedly stealing cookies, The church was criticized for allegedly not exercising Christian Values. The homeless man got arrested by the ploice for eating. $2.25 worth of cookies from a Florida church. The church officials are insisting of pressing charges to the homeless man.

The church, The First Baptist Church of Royal Palm Beach expressed that their decision to press charges was an act of goodwill. They had the homeless man arrested for his own good. According to the Palm Beach Post report, The homeless man is so helpless and he went to the church to ask for help. The door to the church was unlocked that time. That's when he saw the cookies, he got hungry and ate the cookies that's worth of $2.25. The cleaning woman discovered the homeless man's presence and hurriedly called 911.

A church employee said to the deputy that they are going to press charges for the alleged theft committed by the homeless man, due to the charges,the homeless man was jailed. The church received backlash and criticism regarding the said incident.

"The young man appeared to be under the influence. Since he was wandering around the neighborhood, the officer suggested the best course may be to press charges for the incident which would enter the young man into the system where he could find help. The church staff member agreed. Although our church partners with PBSO (Palm Beach County Sheriff Office) to provide hundreds of meals for needy families, this time we agreed with the officer’s suggestion that the young man needed more help than just a free meal. We have contacts with rehabilitation programs. We do refer individuals to such programs and in retrospect we might have done so with this individual." - Church Representative through "The Independent”

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