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Friday, November 28, 2014

A Couple Captured A Ghost in Bristol Cemetery On Camera

 A Couple Captured A Ghost in Bristol Cemetery On Camera

We always associate cemeteries to spooky stuff due to the fact that it is a place for the dead. The fear to this particular belief gets stronger for a couple who captured a photo of a ghost moving around the said cemetery on camera. The creepy photo totally made the couple who captured it feel the need to share this story knowing that it is possible for ghostly apparitions to be seen on cemeteries.

Take a look at the creepy photo taken by the couple:

Mary and Oliver Davey were supposed to attend a wedding on November 15th, 2014 at a Victorian Chapel in Bristol, England. While going to the location for the wedding, Oliver thought of taking pictures of his wife through Arnos Vale Cemetery. He was trying to capture candid shots of his wife but he got shocked when he saw something totally unusual on the image he captured. An image of a misty skeletal apparition caught his attention.
“ I took the first picture, but I realized Mary wasn’t looking at the camera so I took another one. I saw the spooky face straight away. I was just confused and a bit shocked. I was amazed really. I showed my wife and a lot of the other wedding guests. I am sure there wasn’t anyone near me - nobody was smoking - so I don’t know what it is. The funny thing is I had just been having a conversation about how I didn’t really believe in ghosts, so it was spooky timing. ” - Oliver Davey

Oliver shared the image to his friends and his friends shared it to other guests making it a hot topic on that day. The Arnos Vale Cemetery is not new to creepy stories as it was known for a place that's tagged to be haunted. 

It was established in 1837. Three Female Ghosts were said to be residing the cemetery to haunt other people who walks up to their territory.

The first ghost is of a ghost of a nun who got bricked up in a wall by her sisters for being pregnant and eventually committing suicide.

The second ghost is a woman who was a wife of a man who got killed during the World War 1. She is described as the spirit who wears black dress and guards her husband's grave.

The third ghost was the spirit of a woman who was burned alive. What makes her death more creepy is that she was burned alive through a mistake. 

Hearing the stories about the ghosts of Arnos Vale Cemetery makes it more easy to believe that the image of a skeletal apparition is indeed genuine to some, most probably to the people of Bristol. 

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