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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chicago Plane Crashes Into Elder Couple's Home

A Pilot got killed as his plane crashes into a home near Midway. Luz Cazares woke Tuesday morning shocked due to a loud crash accompanied with the sight of a crashed plane's tail sticking out from the home of her neighbors. Her neighbors were a couple in their 80s that was just blocks from Midway Airport.

Police officers went into the crash site and the couple's home to take the couple away from it and took them to the home of another neighbor named. Jeanine Venckus.
"Not a scratch on them, not a scratch," They're shook up and bewildered." - Jeanine Venckus

The couple were unharmed fortunately but on a sad note, The pilot of the cargo plane was dead on the scene, Eric Quentin Howlett, the pilot of the plane died at the age of 47. Howlett was the sole person inside the crashed plane into the Rolinskases' home located at 6500 block of South Knox Avenue shortly after taking off from Midway around 2:45 a.m.

The plane went down about a quarter of a mile from the airport, crashing through the front of the Rolinskases' home and coming to rest in the living room, its tail wedged against the roof of a neighboring house. The plane hit the right side and front of the house, 8 inches from where the couple were sleeping in a bedroom on the left side of the home, according to neighbors and fire officials.

The couple's son named Rick Rolinskas, told the press that his parents both have Alzheimer's disease and that they are now staying with a neighbor across the street safe and sound.

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