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Monday, November 24, 2014

Chinese Students Furious as Stray Dog Got Killed by University

Dogs are truly a man's best friend and that's why dogs are popular as pets because of their loyalty and unlimited ways of making us smile. In a university located in Northwest China, Students got furious as a dog who attends lectures and loved by the majority of the school's population got killed and thrown in the rubbish. The dog's name is Casper. The students accused the University to be responsible for the Casper the dog's death through the help of poisoning.

Casper the dog was also known to social media before because of his viral pictures. The said pictures shows Casper attending the University's lectures. Casper attends calculus classes, etc and he was
even tagged as the University's mascot as he rose to fame. Unfortunately, the University didn't like it which led to Casper's death.

A lot of students got sad when they knew of the unnecessary death of Casper.
'It was felt the dog had a really good influence on people, and as far as I know
none of the lecturers objective. Sometimes they would joke that only the dog was
paying attention. I think he liked the English classes and calculus because the seats were best there for him to sleep on. But when he didn't turn up at the canteen at midday which he usually did to get food with the rest of us, somebody was horrified to see his body in the bin. Apparently he had been poisoned by university officials." - Xiong Hou, 21 year old University Student
'It wasn't necessary to kill Casper, he would sit all day long in classes so he was hardly a threat to
anyone. They were just embarrassed that he made them look unprofessional. But actually I think having a pet in the class is actually progressive and forward-thinking. Many people are very sad.' - Xiao Wang, 23 year old University Student


The University admitted that they are the one responsible for the death of Casper vecause he is damaging the reputation of the University. Also, Other dogs was killed as the University thinks that
they poses a threat to the students and teachers.

'We cannot tolerate strays on the campus as they make a mess and also pose a risk that they might bite someone, which ultimately means it's our responsibility.' - University Spokesperson


This is just so upsetting to anyone who owns a dog or even to animal protection organizations. The University may just have announce beforehand and maybe a Student would have taken him away.

Unfortunately, China has no laws regarding animal cruelty yet.
"As of 2006 there were no laws in China governing acts of cruelty to animals. In certain jurisdictions such as Fuzhou, dog control officers may kill any unaccompanied
dogs on sight. In September 2009, legislation was drafted to address deliberate cruelty to animals in China. If passed, the legislation would offer some protection to pets, captive wildlife and animals used in laboratories, as well as regulating how farm animals are raised, transported and slaughtered. The Animal Protection Law of the People's Republic of China/Law on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a draft proposal of an animal protection law in China released on September 18, 2009.
It has yet to be adopted by the legislature."

Please take time to appreciate your pets and think of all these unfortunate stray dogs and cats out there that deserve a little love.

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